Spend as much as needed of my savings/net-worth at death, for: Alcor

(add vitrification?? (look into, if safe-ish way of avoiding/reducing damage to
  cells upon freezing)

philosophical - death not acceptable:


Shots of Awe

I want 3/4 of my money given to
either the Chomskys or Z magazine or both sine they will know what
projects I want to support -- but I intend to stick around and fight
for sanity and humanity and democracy in this world for many years to


suspended animation surgery for anurisms...blood taken out of brain,
  no brain waves, bloodless surgery...later re-start cerebral blodo
  flow...so lots of exampels of "back from 'death'" already exist with
  TODAY'S technology.

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Wood Frog comes back to life after beign

Additionally, you can call Alcor (toll-free) today for a free,
  no-obligation cryonics consultation at: 1.877.GO. ALCOR