Harel Barzilai
35404 Wango Rd #2
Pittsville MD 21850
June 10, 2001

Dear Walter,

I hope things are well with you. I thought I'd type rather than write since typing comes easier and also avoids your having to read my handwriting!

Enclosed is the check for June 12-July 11.

I guess the lease is now on automatic renewal. I will look again at what we signed last June.

I've been too buried in work to write much during the year, but summer is finally here. A few things where the apartment could use some help have accumulated during this time, but not all that many. I will look around as I do my cleaning and organizing of the apartment (making it look more like home again...) and will contact you sometime later this month once I've sorted out where things stand.

Best regards,

Harel Barzilai