From	HB
dateFri, Sep 3, 2010 at 9:03 PM
subjectRe: Order Received (#1117214)

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Dear Customer Service: it's been exactly 1 month since my aug 3rd
order. I just had to make this negative feedback:

"Ordered 4 books on 8/3/10..only after email to cust srvc, got
one..then:On 8/18 Luz wrote, "sorry..I am sending 3 copies today" Now
it's Sept 3, still haven't gotten the other 3 books I paid for"

When will I get the other three? Do I have to sue? Make a public
stink? I have heard nothing back from Luz since my August 27 email to

You sent an email ten (10) days ago on August 18 indicating you are
sending the other three copies I have already paid for, that
day. However now 10 days later I have still not received these. If at
all possible I want to avoid making a formal complaint about this but
I can only wait so long. Why have I not yet received the books and
when will I receive them?  I can wait a few more days but beyond that
I will want to speak with Valore to complain. I have never had such a
strange and such a long delay. I look forward to hearing back from you
promptly in response to both of my questions above. Harel Barzilai"

I am still waiting to hear back from her..and more importantly, still
waiting for the other three copies of the 4 books I ordered and sent
payment for.

Do you even have a phone number? I can't find one on your website..I
guess I will have to open a twitter account just to "twitter message"
your CEO if I have to resort  to that, I will..he won't like what I
have to say about my experiences with you so far..

Harel Barzilai