• cientists Confirm: Global Warming to Raise Hurricane Intensity
  • Dim Sun The implication is that the power of both particulate matter and greenhouse gases on the climate have been underestimated.Ice collapse speeds up glaciers "If anyone was waiting to find out whether Antarctica would respond quickly to climate warming, I think the answer is yes," said Dr Scambos. [The Antarctic Peninsula is one of the three fastest-warming regions on Earth - temperatures have risen 2.5 degrees in 50 years.]
  • Hurricane Frances and climate change:But experts are getting increasingly worried. Last month beat all previous US records for big hurricanes and tornadoes.. ..and equalled them for tropical storms.
    "We expect this to be the eighth of the past 10 seasons that have had hurricane activity much above the last 55-year average," he said.
    NOAA reported last week that 173 tornadoes had been reported across the US in August, far exceeding the previous record of 126, set in 1979.
    NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, based at Princeton University, says on its website: "The strongest hurricanes in the present climate may be upstaged by even more intense hurricanes over the next century as the Earth's climate is warmed by increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere."
    This admission is the second official embarrassment for the Bush administration over climate change in less than 10 days. Just over a week ago, a report to Congress - signed by Mr Bush's two cabinet members in charge of commerce and energy - conceded that the warming of the world's climate over the past 30 years could only be explained by pollution from carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse gases". [why on earth do US corporate media vastly underreport these matters?]

  • Don't Get Duped Out Of Your Social Security "The cost of the tax cuts enacted in 2001-2003 [mostly for the rich] is nearly three times greater than Social Security's projected deficit for the next 75" years.

    ------------------------------General background:

    newer addition: now not only Bush's own EPA but the Bush government multi-agency report says humans cause cliimate change White House report says people cause global warming. By Maggie McKee

    You would have a hard time knowing it listening to the mainstream media but here are some of the groups warning:

    1) Statement warning about Global Warming by Thomas Karl, director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's NATIONAL CLIMATIC DATA CENTER, and Kevin Trenberth, head of the CLIMATE ANALYSIS SECTION at NCAR:


    The scientists conclude that industrial emissions have been the dominant influence on climate change for the past 50 years, overwhelming natural forces.

    2) AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION warns about climate change:


    What CNN may not tell you, even Christy, one of the so called "skeptics" admits this in the above article: "[Even Christy] is convinced that human activities are the major cause of the global warming that has been measured," and that "It is scientifically inconceivable that after changing forests into cities, turning millions of acres into farmland, putting massive quantities of soot and dust into the atmosphere and sending quantities of greenhouse gases into the air, that the natural course of climate change hasn't been increased in the past century.''" Yet he is quoted out of context as a "skeptic" in mainstream media (with Straw Men about 'let's not claim the world will end tomorrow" (which no one does) and the public still thinks there is a "debate" about whether climate change is real and furthermore, is mostly (see "the major cause" above and other similar quotes elsewhere) is mostly human caused.


    "Anecdotal evidence that the world's weather is getting wilder now has a solid scientific basis in fact following a dramatic global assessment from the World Meteorological Organization."


    4) (this should be item #1, they are the largest body of experts in the world and one of largest the largest if not the largest open scientific peer review process in the world) The IPCC, the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, http://www.ipcc.ch/ the largest group of climate experts in the world, conducting one of the largest (if not the largest) open, scientific peer-review in history. They warn with increasing gravity about climate change. (http://www.ipcc.ch/press/pr.htm) Lots of BBC stories, see "cuts of 50-70% are needed" in BBC citations below.

    5) THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, the most prestigious (and publisher of Science Magazine, one of the two most prestigious science journals (the other being the journal Nature):

    "Climate experts urge immediate action to offset impact of global warming"


    "Governments and consumers in the United States and worldwide should take immediate steps to reduce the threat of global warming and to prepare for a future in which coastal flooding, reduced crop yields and elevated rates of climate-related illness are all but certain, top U.S. scientists said Tuesday.

    "At a meeting organized by AAAS [American Association for the Advancement of Science] and its journal, Science, the climate researchers argued that while some policy experts and sectors of the public dispute the risk, there is in fact no cause for doubt: The world is significantly warmer today than it was a century ago -- and it's getting warmer.."

    Also (http://www.aaas.org/news/releases/2004/0616climate.shtml) They note that: "Scientists generally agree that temperatures are rising as a result of human activities such as fossil-fuel burning, which releases carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases. This warming has caused glacial melting and subsequent increases in sea levels worldwide.."

    (On massive wave of extinction (not directly, but partially and indirectly due to climate change), the UK Academy of Science: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3039803.stm)



    In 2003 CO2 went from 276 to 279 part per million in just one year, unprecendented.

    History: http://www.physicstoday.com/vol-56/iss-8/p30.html

  • More an index of ecological related articles (mostly BBC World Service, often citing such journals at Science and Nature, often citing top world scientists) Read about the mass-deaths of birds already happening today, for example, not in some hypothetical future...

     The first three quotes and website URLs below are references to
    the far under-reported fact that the world's scientific consensus
    (here is one example of 'percents' since you like to
    hear percents, even though, yes, it is a different
    perfect) is that we need cuts of 50 to 70 percent in
    greenhouse emissions to avoid 'dangerous' global warming, versus the 5%
    under Kyoto (which BBC reported is more like 3% with all the
    watering-down 'measures' added to get Japan et al to sign). This is
    not a good recipe for human survival, to put it mildly.

    A-1) "At that meeting, developed countries agreed to cut their emissions by an average of 5% on 1990 levels. But it's not a done deal. The devil is in the detail. And it's this detail that'll determine how countries actually meet their targets.

    But scientists are saying we need to go much further. Dr Graeme Pearman, Chief of CSIRO Atmospheric Research says we have to cut our current emissions by more than 60% if we're to stabilise carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere."


    A-2) Signatories will by some time between 2008 and 2012 have to cut emissions to 5.2% below their 1990 levels.

    But many scientists say cuts of around 60-70% will be needed by mid-century to avoid runaway climate change.

    The convention's executive secretary, Ms Joke Waller-Hunter, told BBC News Online: "It's wrong to think the protocol will do so little that it's insignificant.

    "It's a very important first step that can lead to much more far-reaching measures. Yes, it's a peanut [meaning a 5% cut is a small part of what's necessary] - but a vital one in the long run."


    A-3) Though very few Americans know it, even the UK's conservative Royal Society for the Protection of Birds knows it:

    "The RSPB says emissions cuts of 60% must be implemented by the middle of the 21st Century to slow down global warming. Developed countries have agreed so far [under Kyoto] to try [!] to reduce greenhouse emissions to 5.2% below their 1990 levels"


    "The RSPB said: 'As carbon emissions continue to increase, it is increasingly clear that far more has to be done in order to stabilise greenhouse gas concentrations at a low level and slow down global warming. "', the ultimate objective of the climate convention - that human-induced climate change should be limited to a level that allows ecosystems to adapt naturally - will have been broken.'"


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  • Rice yields dip as planet warms. Global warming could have a severe effect on rice production, say scientists working in the Philippines... rice yields drop by 10% for every degree of warming. 04 june BBC
  • NEW CESR REPORT DOCUMENTS EXTENSIVE U.S. WAR CRIMES IN IRAQ Purported "Transfer of Sovereignty" Condemned as Farce "Under international law, continued military occupation is incompatible with self-determination," said Mr. Normand. "For the Security Council to legitimize as sovereign an Iraqi government hand-picked by the U.S.--as Washington sends more troops to occupy Iraq--merely proves that the UN cannot defend its own Charter against American pressure."

    "The student is gone; the master has arrived"
    -popular Iraqi saying after the U.S. ousted Saddam Hussein.
    (Quoted in full report http://www.cesr.org/beyondtorture.pdf )