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get to know them
  • tut/plan/ which has mathnasium etc links.....!

  • link to VOLUNTEER 4 ADULT LITERACY for practice

  • links to file w/notes on other people's adverts!!
  • draft4craigslist.mytutoringad-jobsfuture.html

  • Link to my two draft ads for

  • link to work on my DOMAIN mdmathtutor(?) website

  • Link to TIPS which I'll use to inform how I create "policies" (cancellation etc) and "tips" handouts for my website visitors

    policies handouts rough outline
    * "Free calculator [..."to first 3? who respond by ...."??]
  • http://suite101.com/article/tutoring-rates-what-is-the-going-price-for-a-private-tutor-a302320