Congratulations for this wonderful page!!! I discovered Tarkovski
about 20 years ago... "Stalker" is always in my mind, a mysterious and
inspiring guest.  Mihai Caragiu  Pullman,
WA -
"Stalker" is the best film ever made. It is not a literature, it is
not any kind of art, it is not even a movie. It is a contemplation of
great mysterious, almost religious experience.  Jakub
 Warsaw, Poland
i spent years trying to get a copy of nostalghia, sacrifice, the
mirror, etc. just recently i found them available to purchase over an
internet site:
i was very happy to find these life-changing films and join all of you
in your praise of the great tarkovsky. i remember when this site had
only 16 visitors. wow!  mat  provo, ut usa -
Hi, I've just become an ardent Tarkovsky fan, having first watched
like my life has changed and my whole existence has taken on a higher
level of meaning. His films are like an ore which reveals its deeper
roots the more you mine it. His visual poetry is just stunning,
evocative and full of yearning. I don't think I can any longer stand
the Hollywood junks which are, as one put it, "all pulp and all
fiction" dedicated to "muscle morons, Das Kapital and technology."
 I am sick of continually being entertained and distracted; the more I
get entertained, the more I feel simply alienated. Great to find this
beautifully crafted homepage, and a chance to meet other Tarkovskites
from all over the world. By the way does any of you have a nice
interpretation of the enigmatic smile of the young mother (Maria),
mixed with tears, in the last scene of THE MIRROR? I understand that
the scene brings together the past and the present (as can be seen
from the juxtaposition of the old mother with the young mother and her
children), but the mixture of joy and sadness on the young mother's
face is haunting and intriguing.
Please e-mail me at the given address. I would really like to commend
whoever has created and maintains this website.  Hyo-Dong Lee
 Nashville, TN USA -
Thank you for making this site. Films of Andrey Tarkovsky are my
favourite ones. I'll never tire of watching "Solaris".  Best regards
from Russia!  Yan Yankowski  St.Petersburg,
I just want to tell you a little story. Last summer, a film art house
was screening all the winning cannes films as part of their fiftieth
anniversary and I got my first opportunity to see a Tarkovsky film
stoned. I decided to screen the SACRIFICE and ever since that one
night my life has changed. If someone has experienced a similar
"experience" I would appreciate hearing from you. I now own all seven
features, not to mention having scrounged up almost every article
written about the cinematic genius and his films. If anyone out there
has not had the opportunity to see any of his films stoned, what the
hell are you waiting for. Peace!  danny the stalker boy
 montreal, pq canada -
I am writing a book about the independent film movement for a major US
publisher. I feel about Tarkovsky much the way I feel about Bach. I
also agree very much with what he said about the difference between
film as entertainment (i.e.  Hollywood) and film as art
(i.e. non-Hollywood). Would be interested in speaking with anyone
inside or outside L.A.  who appreciates what Tarkovsky was trying to
do and say in film. Why is there so little of this kind of work around
today. Why does garbage proflierate the commercial, mainstream cinema?
[Does it not occur to anyone that the economics of for-profit
production and marteking might have an effect on the product? We see
the corrupting roots in Communism, why do we not see it in our own,
also antidemocratic and antihuman economic system? --HB]
Trying to talk to someone in L.A. about what Tarkovsky was about is
like trying to talk about various brands of backyard barbecues with
the Inuit or other Arctic denizens. I would also like to discuss
Sculpting in Time, the book, with anyone who has any strong opinions
about it and has biographical information about the author. G-d bless
AT. Thank you, Jeff West Hollywood, CA Jeff Freedman
 west hollywood, ca
Tarkovsky's films speak to that which is the most intimate in all
human beings. They are like stalkers, who guide and teach. I have been
seeing them over and over again since I was 15, and every new time I
discovered new levels of meaning. A mark of a genuis is infinity and
vastness of space within. It is a joy to see so many of you from all
the corners of this planet. His films have a life of their own and
they travel around the globe as guides for us to follow.
Tarkovsky was a visionary and his films have layers and layers of
meaning. They are like a well into cosmos and each of us has to jump
inside to find his own wisdom. All of you who love Tarkovsky, we
should become a travel net- work, from New Zealand to Lapland. After
all, this is a beautiful route to travel. If any of you ever comes to
Boston,I have books, videos and thoughts to share. 617-628-3124.Elena
Elena Kai  Cambridge, MA
Saw Alexander Sokurov's "Mother" last night. Paul Schrader says he's
the only film-maker working in the transendental style today. The film
has the visual poetry and haunting imagery of Carl Dryer. Some
close-ups even remind me of "The Passion of Joan of Arc." Sokurov is a
disciple of Tarkovsky, and any person truly concerned with the fate of
cinema, its redemption from the fatalistic greed of philistines, will
support this film. Sokurov, Angelopoulos, Imamura, Godard, Rivette,
Antonioni, and a few American directors are all that's left of the
cinema. After they have gone, who is left?  Angelo G. Simeone Los
Angeles, CA
ARKOVSKY4S Films, finding anything regarding this director... I do not
even know what entry to write for this guestbook... Thanks you all
because I love to share my passion and love to this unique man and
genius.  Maria Dolores Jose de Checa 
Mexico City, D.F. MEXICO -
 thought that Solaris and Stalker were the best movies that stimulated
 the mind that I have seen in quite a while. It is good to see someone
else is intersted in Andrei Tarkovsky also!  Kelvin USA -
Emotion to be one more human being filled with hopes, doubts and a
connection to the wholeness of the deepest sense of matter. That's the
feeling I have when confronted to Tarkovsky's work, whatever could
be. Tarkovsky represents to me one of the masters of the cinema as an
art (and expression) form, which, considering this times, talk about
DIGNITY, as one of the human race memories on this place which all of
us can be proud of. Thanks for the opportunity.  Gracias!  Carlos
Eduardo Moreno M.  Bucaramanga, Colombia
Future is always near, it is tommorrow. Next letter-future. The past
is behind us. Tarkovsky always in front! Get out of there now. Don't
run after him, don't idolize him. Look for yourself.  Belomor Mihalich
 N.O., LA USA -
The more I see million dollars budget stupid films the more I miss you
Tarkovski. You and Bach constitute the perfect combination of art
history. How I am happy to find this page!  Halil Bolay}rl}
 Istanbul, Turkey
Andrei Tarkovsky was more than a great filmmaker: he was a genuine
SEEKER OF TRUTH. He knew that any cinema, which was devoid of the
human spirit's compulsion to seek out the meaning of its existence,
was not true cinema at all. Perhaps the greatest benefit that his
films now offer to the world is their remarkable documentation of his
searching spirit. In our new web site Truth-in-Cinema Quest at
http://www.hal-pc.org/~questers, we place particular emphasis on those
directors, including Tarkovsky, who have used film as a tool for deep
spiritual searching. Perhaps, this was the way film was meant to be
used all along. Tarkovsky certainly thought so.  Gregory and Maria
Pearse  Houston, TX
En underbar sida. A wonderful page. Tarkovskij is a great artist!
Andris Stoopendaal  Sweden -
Andrei Rublyov is currently my favorite film. I have seen it 4 times
now and each time I see it there is more revealed.  My next goal is to
find a copy of Mirror here in Oregon and view it.  Thea Lander
 Portland, Ore
I would like to give you information about the follow book about
Tarkovsky to put in your list. "About Andrei Tarkovsky" Compilated by
Marina Tarkovskaya Progress publishers - Moscow 1990 ISBN
5-01-001973-6 Robert Yabeck  Montevideo,
When I saw Stalker, I discovered a great and very sensitive poet, and
since then I consider Tarkovsky one of my most beloved film
makers. The questioning about the existence of God, the solitude and
the need of hope and faith, are themes that I find very close to me,
so Tarkovsky, along with Ingmar Bergman, are for me open windows to
the human spirit, to the most sensitive and deep parts of it...And the
photografy and scenes, the use of silence and their treatment of the
story are admirable and exquisite. Thanks for dedicating this page to
that great artist.  Nadezda B.  Mexico City,
I am writing a book about Tarkovsky and would welcome any comments. In
particular I'd like to make contact with anyone who was involved in
the production or promotion of any of his films or who knew the man
personally. I think the site could do with some more stills from
Nostalghia and The Sacrifice.  Simon John Kyte
<113237.2753@compuserve.com> London SE4, UK
Thank god this page exist! Reading all previous, I just can't get rid
of feeling like something wrong,uncomplete... ...I remember myself in
1980 beleiving, that there are only few filmdirectors in Soviet Union:
Tarkovsky,Mikhalkov, Ioseliani and Paradjanov. Last 3 of them were
like art, Andrey was like a CONSCIENCE... The WAY, the HOPE ,the
PAIN... Of course, later I have discovered other names and movies
around the world, other ARTs..., but Tarkovsky ( with his just few
movies !) ... conscience... . Thank you, Andrey.  Boris  NY
Am absolutely thrilled that there are so many people from so many
places who love Tarkovsky. I am a Lit. major and am struck by the fact
that AT is the most literary of directors. His use of poetry alone
would secure him a place in my heart--but then he is also such a poet
with the camera. I especially --love his later films--From Mirror
on he moves farther and farther away from standard
narrative. Nostalghia is about the most beautiful thing I have ever
seen--it is as though I am able to enjoy literature, music, painting
and film all at once. And then to end his career (his life!) with that
beautifully simplistic image of Little Man under the tree, questioning
the words of his father . . .
I wonder if film will ever have a figure of such depth and beauty
again. As one other entry already said so well, in a better world AT
would have the same influence as a Spielberg. When people ask me why
it is that Russia has produced few great poets, and fewer great
literary figures in the 20th century I always tell them that the
legacy of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Turgenev and Chekhov has been inherited
not by a writer--but by a filmmaker. My --entire attitude towards
film, art, and even life has been (and is still being) changed by
Tarkovsky's seven films and two books. I thank him.  Seamus Thompson
 Pasadena, CA USA -
I have been an observer of Tarkovsky's work since I saw 'Stalker' on
our national TV back in 1980. The effect was immediate. Here was a
film which touched the senses deeply. Many years later, I have yet to
come across a director whose aesthetics encompass the visual, and
aural senses so well. An inspirational, optimistic ( to me ) artist
whose work, though not easy to assimilate, has made a deep personal
connection Martin O'Grady  Cork, Ireland -
I just saw Mirror-I am speechless! I know that Brigham Young
University in Provo, Utah will be screening Nostalgia sometime between
January and April. When I get more information I will let you
know. Anyone in the area should come see it. There are many Tark
enthusiasts at the university so you should come by and say Hi!
Deserae Allred  Provo, UT USA -
Great work. Tarkovsky is the rarest of artists. I have collected many
of his works, and much of the material on him.  Thank you for your
interest and commitment to him.  P. Brooks -
It is a pleasure to be here. I condemn all of Hollywood. We are all
doomed because of worship of muscle morons, Das Capital, and
technology.  jeff Freedman  West Hollywood, ca
NOSTALGHIA has finally been released on to laserdisc. The print used
by the Criterion Collection is unparalleled. It is crisp, widescreen
and clean. The many different monochromatic frames, which were
tarkovsy's specialities, are represented in their full
splendor. Highly recomended to any Tarkovsky fan, for that matter any
cinephile.  marc pitanza  Staten Island , NY
Thank you so much for this page. It seems to me to be the greatest
possible way and form of telling Internet surfers about Andrei
Tarkovsky. And it nice to find out that someone is maintaining such a
page it for no pay. Thank you!  Dmitri Rozhnov 
Tallinn, Estonia
Tarkovsky must arguably be one of the greatest directors in the 20th
century, along with Bergman, Godard, Chen Kaige and a few others. It
is very encouraging to see this homepage dedicated to him, but at the
same time, it is very sad to think that there are probably few
financers who will risk funding films of this sort. Something must be
done to help and encourage young filmakers around the world who are
talented and serious about their art, unlike the Hollywood
spectacle-makers churning out more pulp and more fiction.  Shu Naka
 Okazaki, Aichi Japan
Thanks again for your page. It reminded me of that old love I had for
The Mirror, the most beautiful poem dedicated to childhood I ever
found. I've seen Tarkovsky's films years ago in the Bucharest
cinematheque and since I left this city I gave up any chance of
watching them again. Now that I read this guestbook I know at least I
could buy them from somewhere.. could anyone give me a hint on a good
place where I could find all the titles?  Ovidiu Zainea
 Patras, Greece -
Tarkovsky's "Andrei Rublev" changed my entire life... I am very happy,
all around the world I could find people who admire him, like me.
Agnes Simandi  Toronto, Ont Canada -
Less of a guest-book, more of a bulletin board. How about creating a
board for all us Tarkovsky fans? At the Edinburgh Film Festival in
1996, I saw Mirror with one of Andrei's sisters giving a presentation,
and answering questions. An emotional showing, she said the film was
just like their childhood. I also saw Ivan's Childhood presented by
the actor who plays Ivan. He was also the bell-maker in Andrei
Rublev. Someone in the audience asked him if the making of the bell
was meant by Tarkovsky to be a metaphor for his film-making process,
but he couldn't confirm this, and in fact seemed slightly surprised by
what seemed to make perfect sense. Any thoughts on this? Would anyone
out there agree that one of the things that makes Tarkovsky's films so
different and special is his extremely long takes, often up to 8
minutes without a cut? Very few other directors do this. For example,
the house on fire scene at the climax of The Sacrifice, done with one
camera, and presumably in one take. (Unless they rebuilt the house for
more takes). Many of his films have little digressions that are often
fascinating, beautiful, etc. For example, the start of Andrei Rublev,
with the man on the balloon. Still haven't seen Solaris though. Anyone
fancy discussing Tarkovsky, or films in general, feel free to email
me.  Duncan Cumming  Aberdeen, UK -
Thanks to those who celebrate a great man and what he showed to the
world Andrew Gibson  Durham, England -
I saw SOLARIS a month ago and I still think about it almost every day,
what an amazing movie. I then saw STALKER, I am no a full fledged
TARKOVSKY fanatic. Great visuals!!!  MIKE McDERMID 
Vancouver, BC CANADA -
I will see the films of Tarkovsky to the very end of my life, because
his films are ETERNITY...  Maxim Prokopov
 Frankfurt(Oder), Germany -
I saw Solaris recently and was stunned. What a great work of art!
Andrew S. Storm Berkeley, CA USA -
There are so many things about Tarkovsky's work I admire, I don't
really know where to begin. But one thing that has always struck me is
how, more than any other director (including Bergman), Tarkovsky lets
the "rhythm" or timing of the film be defined by purely cinematic
needs -- not by the needs of a -- narrative. I always feel utterly
satisfied when a scene ends that the visual aspects of it have been
completely exhausted. He seems to just stay with the scene until it's
truly time to change. I especilly appreciate his use "mere objects" --
--often in water -- as a focus. In Sculpting in Time he talks about
film as recording visual "Facts". That's what he does. He places the
camera on objects and THEY then begin to define much of the rhythm of
the film, much like in poetry how the mere sound of the words
expresses something. Does anyone have any suggestions about this idea?
Duncan Goodrich  Austin, TX USA
I just wanted to mention, for the people who are just discovering
Tarkovsky's works, you might also check out Pasolini's stuff, if you
can find it ( unfortunately, there is little available on video) or
Sakurov's works which i think are only accessible in film festivals.
mario ostrowski  Washington, DC USA
Hi everyone, nice to see so many enthusiastic AT fans. Its unfortunate
that he only made 7 films, but there's so much material in those
films, that one can watch them over and over again, and still learn
something new. For example, seeing Stalker a second time recently,
made me focus on ATs philosophy rather than waiting for "the room". It
still amazes me that after that 2hour plus film, we never get to see
the room. How many film makers can keep you in suspense, and then not
really show you what you were waiting for, and still give you a
feeling of satisfcation at the end.  Talking about favourite moments
in his films? Its almost impossible to single any moment out! I love
the wind blowing through the childs bedroom in sacrifice for ex, or
grandmother sitting at ignatievo forest at the end of mirror......
Mario ostrowski  Washington, DC USA -