hello to all tarkowsky' friends. It's a pleasure to know I am not the
only one, but just one of the few. tarkowsky films changed my life
when I was 16, now I am 40, but when i look at them, the emotion is
still the same. Many thanks to who worked on the project of this
site. luciano luciano  novara, italy - Monday, June
21, 1999 at 15:50:56 (PDT)
Tarkovsky is not only a filmmaker, but he is a cinematic visual
magician .  Dickson Leung <400blow@i-cable.com> Hong Kong - Monday,
June 21, 1999 at 02:30:45 (PDT)
A friend suggested Solaris to me a few weeks back, and now I've become
entranced by the director. It was one of the most explosive
experiences I've had in the theatre since Koyaanisqatsi and The Street
of Crocodiles. It was as if a hammer was above me the whole way
through, slowly descending, and then pulverising at the end.  Justin
Rubin  Duluth, MN
andrei is the only one who succeded. To give us insight in the
unspeakble, the unviseble, the unameble. he is the greatest sculptor
in celluloid.  schmeink karel  utrecht, nederland
With Andrey I discovered again a profound admiration and love for the
nature, the earth and the wind and the water. He transform my inner
eyes and help me discover the beauty of may childhood. He is the
prophet and the only one who considered the cinema as an art and not
as a consumism and bussines. Reading other mesaggess I was really
pleased and happy. Thanks to all.  vili lovse 
------------------------------------------------------------ I think
that Tarkovsky is the first man who told us (others just thought about
it) what we realy need to exist and what is important in our life. He
understood what nature means for us and what we need from other
persons.  Arkady Paris, -
I just saw Rublev. It was simply overwhelming.  l 
I met Andrej's "Andrej Rublev" 15 years ago, a hot afternoon in
summertime with some friends of mine...from then my love for his
world, poetry and aesthetic increased more and more...Then went all
the other masterpieces..."Sacrifice", "The mirror", "Solaris"
(unfortunately in Italy there's a version with 40 minutes cut off for
which Tarkowsky refused a price!...), "Nostalghia" (I went to the
wonderful San Galgano abbey nearby Siena), "Stalker", "Ivan's
Childhood" till his first opera "Katok I Skrypka"... For these reasons
I am hopeful for Humankind. So Long, Massimo.  Massimo
 Rome, Italy -
Watching Tarkovsky is an experience of a lifetime. Andrei Tarkovsky
took cinema to unimaginable heights. It is sad that filmakers today
are not being inspired by him to make of such great nature.  PARVEZ
AHMAD  Bangalore, India
Andrey Rublev - is a genious film. I`m never seen anything like
it. Its FANTASTIC!  Alexey Pogoretski  Kiev,
Cuando vi el Sacrificio, entendi La Zona, y comence a ver la vida de
otra forma.- TArkowsky fue un iluminado, esta a la par de Leonardo Da
Vinci o MIguel Angel , o Picasso, o Mozart, etc, sus peliculas
deberian darse en los colegios de enseqanza secundaria , y aun en las
Universidades.- Carlos Zanotelli  Villa
Mercedes(s.l.), sl argentina -

Rough Alta Vista (babelfish.altavista.com) translation:

When I saw the Sacrifice, entendi the Zone, and comence to see the
life of another form. - TArkowsky was illuminating, this on a par of
Leonardo Da Vinci or MIguel Angel, or Picasso, or Mozart, etc, his
peliculas deberian [should] to occur in the schools of enseqanza
secondary, and even in the Universities.

Words cannot describe such beauty, but his genius remains. It is like
the sun, shining on our lives, but so much more.  Arseniy Khobotkov
 America, NJ Dennisville
As a constant admirer of Tarkovsky's films for at lest 15 years,I
wonder if we shouldn't rather remember what St.Maximus the Confessor
said:"Theology without practice is the theology of deamons" when
making judgments on Andrei Tarkovsky's films.Beyond all the magic
they,undoubtedly hold,beyond the images and the sound they seem to be
much closer to the Byzantine Orthodox icons than to the religious
(western) painting.

Their ultimate purpose is to question our values,our (lack of)
faith,to provide us with hope in order to be able to fight on till the
end,till the dry branches of the rotten tree (as in "The Sacrifice")
give green leaves again.Like the Byzantine icons,perhaps we should not
speak that much about their evident aesthetic value,but rather
concentrate on their trans-figurative nature.

It is not mere art and beauty we can find in all Tarkovky's films.It
is art and beauty endowed with a sort of sacrament.They all call us to
have communion with them,with one another.And often we realize we need
years to understand this,more years to prepare our souls for this
communion.His films send us rather to the Church than to the
cinema.They throw the seed of truth in us and we,if we are honest to
ourselves,feel rather to confess than to go and see another movie.
.Perhaps no one else succeeded to speak (with cinematic means) about
Freedom and addiction to different forms of idolatry,to speak about
(trancendent) limits and (subjective) limitations.In a sense,I think
all Tarkovsky's fans must have found in his films the very nature of a
human being:the disposition for fraternal love.

Unfortunately,there are not too many film-makers that can be compared
with Tarkovsky.Names such
and few others are but exceptions from the rule.Yet,the ancient Greek
playwrites (like Aeschilus) or
Cervantes,Shakespeare,Dostoievsky,Tolstoi and -why not?- the Eastern
Fathers of the Church (so unpopular,unfortunately for the larger
masses of readers) -all seem to share Tarlovsky's outlooks on man's

This website seems to be,as many of its guests have already stated,a
true oasis for the one in search of the Truth,a sign of normality in a
world where the lunatics are (like in "Nostalghia") the only nrmal
people.Have faith (as Stalker said on the threshold of the "zone" -a
ruined altar of a ruined Church?) and find peace and comfort and hope
contemplating Tarkovsky's living icons!  Marian Radulescu
<12810983@qub.ac.uk> Belfast, UK
By my opinion, Tarkovsky is the essential artist of the XX century -
the ultimate visual poet among directors.  Understanding his work
means nothing else but understanding yourself, and, consequently,
understanding the essence of the world we are living in. The world od
love and fear. He made invisible become visible, redescovering a
wonderfull forgotten language from the mist of our fears and desires
Goran Milovanovic  Beograd, YU Srbija
A wonderful surprise, this site. I was fortunate to be able to watch
most of Tarkovsky's films at a screening of his work that took place
in Ottawa a few years ago. I had already seen some of his films
before, but this opened me up to the totality of his art. Like poetry,
his films speak to me (and evidently, to others) in a language beyond
words (or images).  The deep sense of hope through spirituality, as
expressed in his last film, was one of the most moving experiences of
my life (I saw the film 2-3 times when it came out, transfixed). To
me, that is the greatest legacy he has left us in his work: hope
amidst a world gone mad. It is very comforting to read this guestbook,
and find so many people from all corners of the globe who, also, have
been changed by the experience of viewing Andrei's work.  Robert
St-Louis  Ottawa, Ont Canada
Tarkovski's films show life as it is, and as it should be. But they
also help us to change our lives. If art is life and sometimes life is
art, Tarkovski made life more real through a real and unsurpassed
art. Thank you for this website.  Andrea Lorenzet
 Vigevano, Italy
Andrei Rublev, Andrei Rublev. I have never seen a more beautiful
film. I'm glad that so many fans around the world are keeping the
memory of Tarkovsky alive.  Henry Yin  St. Louis, MO
I saw "stalker" several times and I still enjoy watching it. It's one
of the most beatiful films ever made in Europe.  Unfortunately in the
90-s there are very few film directors like Tarkovsky, Kieslowski or
Bergman. If you want to discuss about the artistic cinema write me in
polish, spanish or english. Monika, Poland Monika Keska
 Warsaw, Poland
It's good to see a great film artist recognised! I find the last few
moments of Andrey Roublev- the forging and ringing of the bell and the
boy's confession to Andrey so brilliant.  Christopher Finn
I watched ANDREW RUBELJOV in a cinema in berlin, it was a cold night
and i went in, as i saw the poster of this picture. I liked this
picture before, but I just watched it on the TV-screen, but now I had
this transcendental feeling, the loss of time and rationality, the
floating into the world and its cruelty. But the poetic element in
this picture and all the other pictures of Tarkovskij - I cant
describe it, just feel it in the pictures of this film. thanks, yours,
oTTo otto boller mainz, germany i saw your STALKER, with no sound with
the music of BACH (GOLDBERG-VARIATIONS) and it was the greatest event
i got while i watched a picture. as I watched ANDREW RUBELJOV on the
screen in a cinema, i got the transcendental felling, as if I went
home - to an endless room of my childhood and the childhood of our
civilisation and culture. thanks for all these pictures, so long -
otto otto p. boller mainz, germany
Interesting how many of us remark on a strong sense of being alone in
our passion for these films. I remember meeting a young woman who
"luuuved Tarkovsky!!" and feeling completely horrified. I had no
desire whatsoever to hear her opinions or share my own experience. How
profane to TALK about this pure thing for which I have no name! But we
all KNOW, don't we...  Sarvi Sheybany  Los Angeles,CA
As an aspiring filmmaker, and as a person striving for spiritual
growth, the work of Tarkovsky is among the greatest inspirations in my
life. His films are like the poetry of Rumi on celluloid Samah
Tokmachi  Santa Fe , New Mexico USA
Tarkowsky's Andrei Rublev is magic. I have seen this film many
times. And every time i discover something new and astonishing. His
films are a kind of spiritual experience.  Georgii Loskutov
 Columbia, SC USA
I saw Solaris several years ago and was overwhelmed by the visual
poetry of Tarkovsky's work. Recently I have seen both Stalker and The
Sacrifice. I fell absolutely in love with the poetry, with the water
images, and with the seeking for spiritual connection. Mustn't I be
alone in my obsession? Who else could tolerate the great silences, the
agonies, the despair, the loneliness in these films? What a wonderful
treat to find that they are loved by so many!  Amy Vaughn
 Pleasant Hill,
I am encouraged to see the support and insight given this director. In
a town like Hollywood where spiritual art and convictions rarely
resonate in the city's main industry, it is often marginalizing to
adhere such love for Tarksovsky's brilliance as I have felt. As a
director & writer, he has been a great source of light to me in a
vampiric town. I am looking for a source for published or unpublished
screenplays for all of Tarkovsky's films. They are unavailable at some
major local sources in Los Angeles, save for the Faber & Faber version
of A. Rublev. If anyone can aid me in this quest, help would be
greatly appreciated. I am a filmmaker who holds Tarkovsky in the
highest esteem as an artist and to study his work would be most
helpful. Our latest project includes several homages to him and to
understand how he could write these exceptionally beautiful scenes
would be inspirational. Please feel free to contact us here directly
via email, fax or phone. Thank you. David A. Davidson, Director Camera
Obscura Cinema 2149 Valentine Street Los Angeles, CA 90026 USA
cinema@primenet.com 213 660 2385 office 213 913 3880 fax David
A. Davidson  Los Angeles, CA
I took a class this past year in the fall and winter on the history of
20th century Russia and Stalker was one of the movies we watched, I
fell in love with it. Now I have been researching tarkovsky here and
there. My goal for the summer is to see the rest of his films, I
already own Stalker. Thanx for the sight.  Chris Holbert
 Wayne, PA U.S.
hi! glad meet you.. and thanks for the tarkovsky imformation (and
please understanding my ugly english...^_^) I'm korean, senior in
hallym university and film society member.. on today, our society read
the book "die versiegelte zeit" we impressed with his pen power... so,
we will be shown at the his art 'solaris' hallym university in
south-korea on wed(subtitle korean) at 6:30 pm. the exact location is
"youn- sang -tle"(translate in film frame)room in the students
buliding After movie, we talk about 'solaris''s meaning,love,life,
etc..... If you enjoy our time... send a letter or visit our
hompage.... have your good life..!! -your vicent lee LEE jung min
 chun-chon, south- korea
For almost a year now I have been checking up on this site. The first
time I visited I knew virtually nothing about Tarkovsky-only that my
Humanities professor mentioned his name enough to spark my
curiosity. Reading what others had expressed on this site i tried
anything I could do to get a hold of a copy of one of his films in the
rural corner of the world that I live in. After watching my forst
film, Stalker and getting involoved in the art and life of Andrei, the
last year has been a painful but insightful journey for me.  When I
started I was much like Writer and Professor-I believed in nothing,
had no hope. Being heavily involved in the arts i had many moments
of--magic, miracle--but nothing has been so purging as Andrei's
films-and not just the first time but again and again. Here, for one
of the first times in my life I started to see reality, not only
through the eyes but through the heart and soul Now a year later I
have seen everything but Sacrifice and read Sculpting in Time and life
has changed for me. Sure I still have many doubts, questions and fears
but hey what's life if you figure it all out in the first 20 years ,
or the last for that matter. Anyway, thank you for the site and all
your comments-they have given me immense insight.  And thank you
Andrei-wherever you are-we are truely kindred spirits...Iwill try to
carry the candle-thank ou for the truth, the beauty...infinity in a
drop of water...I had a million words but have lost them all...
Deserae Allred  Evanston, WY USA -
I was a student of French at Brigham Young University over ten years
ago. Among the many Mormon professors I had discovered no one who was
willing to act as a mentor for me. I then took a class in French and
Italian cinema from a visiting Catholic Italian professor named Sante
Matteo. He opened my mind considerably to the power of film as an art
medium and invited me into his office frequently to discuss his
favorite film directors. Three Tarkovsky films came to the University
that year and he urged me to see them. The following week I stopped at
his office and he could see immediately that I had been moved by what
I had seen. (The French verb "boulverser" would perhaps be more
appropriate.) He invited me into his office, shut the door, and we
marvelled together at what we had experienced by watching these
films. He then leaned toward me and said in a hushed voice, "I will
say this about one director and only one. Tarkovsky's films change
lives."  Brent Pace  Salt Lake City, UT USA
I first discovered Tarkovsky at a premiere showing of Zerkalo
("Mirror") in a suburb of Moscow in 1975. Much of the Soviet audience
of the time watched uncomprehendingly, and some walked out in
disgust. But a large part of the audience sat in rapture as Soviet
(and world) cinematic history was made before their eyes. This was
obviously no "ordinary" Soviet film director, all in attendance
realized after the first five minutes. I've been a devout fan ever
since, and have now managed to acquire nearly every film he produced,
on either video tape or laser disc. A truly phenomenal talent who left
this world at the peak of his form. My favorite of his films remain
Mirror and Andrei Rublew. For those of you looking to acquire his
videos online, here's a site:
Bob Weil  Costa Mesa, CA
Stalker is moving sculpture. A concept that seems to be alien at the
film and video department of the Ontario College of Art and
Design. Thanks for this site. I was beginning to wonder if I was alone
in my admiration for Tarkovsky. Watch for my low budget video, Cicada,
in the summer of 1999.  Jason Toronto, Ont. Canada
 Warszawa, Poland -
I appreciate the effort which you went to in constructing this web
page. Tarkovsky was like a Russian version of Stanley Kubrick, without
the morose sense of humor. Solaris is one of the most moving films I
have ever seen. It took an individual with a great deal of insight to
make that masterpiece. It is unfortunate that he died prematurely. He
had much more to offer the world.  Paul DesJardins
 Ann Arbor, MI USA
Andre Tarkovsky was a brilliant film artist, he transcended what film
can and could do. "NOSTALGIA" Was an epic emotional journey of the
soul and was exhilerating and disturbing. Too bad Hollywood is in a
mode that cannot see the spiritual right now.  wallace dorian
 ft. collins, co USA
Great site. Thanks for the opportunity for sharing our feelings about
master Tarkovsky. He is one of my favorite movie makers along Bergman
and Resnais. Ivan, Solaris and Mirror are my favorites. And Kit,
you're right about your feelings about Solaris. It is our imaginary
creativity which is also the "alien" in that movie, honestly the last
scene, especially when [censored, so as not to spoil --HB] kills
me. It is one of my cornerstone movie I've ever seen.  Could I
recommend a movie to the Tarkovsky fans ? It is a bergman movie, I'll
be really glad to hear your comments about it. It is "The
Shame". Thanks guys, GREAT SITE!!!.  Ekrem Kutluay
 Cleveland, oh USA -
Thanks for this beatifull site dedicated to the greatested movie
director that ever existed. So far I4ve seen five of his films, the
five last ones. I love each one of them and I think they are all
great. But for me there has never been a better movie than "The
Mirror". I hope this site have a very long life and that the list of
Tarkovsky4s fans continues to grow.  Regards from Brazil!!  Ricardo
Sobrinho  Curitiba, PR Brazil -
Very happy to have come across this homepage on tarkovsky.Feels good
to know that so many people are aware of his films contrary to the
usual belief. Regards from india Shanker Shanker Raman
 New delhi, Delhi India
I also want to express my happiness at the existence of a forum for
people to nurture their appreciation of Tarkovsky.  Without question,
his work strikes the boundary between utter magic and reality where
art is born. His willingness to hold his images as long as they
require to reach fruition is mountain oxygen in this era of the
breathless fast cut.  George Prochnik  New York, NY