S o u n d s

Classical: Composers works of whose (in some cases one or a few, in some cases many) I've loved: Bach, Beethoven, Berlioz, Brahms, Havergal Brian, Debussy, Haydn , Mahler, Schubert, Sibelius...

...Berg, Dvorak, Grieg, Faure, Handel, Liszt,Mendelssohn, Moussorgsky, Mozart, Ravel, Schoenberg, Schumann, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Wagner, Webern. Oh yes, I did hear one Cage piece that was interesting.. :-)

For something more contemporary I used to be able to receive an APR program called Echoes. Some "New Age" music or Philip Glass were not too interesting, but there were some very innovative and interesting and just great to listen to pieces, Techno-Tribal, Ambient (not same genre as muzak), World/Fusion, etc.

What about Rock? As you may know from the lyrics page, during high school and college I found Roger Waters and the group Pink Floyd he used to lead, very powerful. I don't listen very often nowdays, but the power is still there.

Starting around 1995 or 96 I found found some Modern Rock which I thought was good, much of it due to interesting use of and experimentation with timbre and dissonance in new ways. I've found some Jazz which I liked but I haven't listened very much. Once went to to Blues Club which was interesting, back when I was working on my Masters in Chicago.

On a very limited basis, some years ago I also tried my hand at composing a handful of short pieces. (Under construction, Audio files of my old compositions)

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