Perhaps the best introduction to my values and principles is section below, "My Writings". But if you think of Z magazine FAIR's Extra, and the Nation in terms of publications, Alternative Radio, CounterSpin, Democracy Now, and Pacifica in terms of radio, the Greens, Physicians for National Health Program, and Public Citizen in terms of organizations, and Chomsky and Nader in terms of visible activists, you're in the right ballpark.

If you believe/see that Capitalism (that is, not just the profit motive, and the corporate control over media and Congress and society, but the "$1=1vote" rather than "1person=1vote" nature of private-interest and corporate ownership of the economy) is at the heart of much of the ills these organizations fight, but realize Communism stunk to high hell too, and that there are other, democracy-based economic systems, instead of these two elite-run ones, so much the better.

My Writings
  • (A) Political-Economic

  • Health Care: The Excluded Option
  • Corporate Control vs. Democracy
  • Global Economics and the State of the World

    You might also want to brows the Economics section of the MAP Library. See also Health Care section (I wrote "The Excluded Option", but put together the page itself) and Media section (e.g. critique of NPR).

  • (B) Social-Cultural & Miscellaneous

  • (C) Social-Sexual -- look here, after the 4-paragraph introduction.

    Others' Writings
    & Resource List


  • Setaro Interviews Michael Albert
  • Nader at Greens Convention (part I) & (part II) & (Part III)
  • The Sham of "Anti-Government" Rhetoric
  • Ralph Nader's Citizen Empowerment Agenda
  • A good interview or two with Chomsky..

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  • Tom Tomorrow's and other progressive cartoons

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