Excerpted from the Introduction to Susie Brights' _Sexwise_, ISBN 1-57344-002-7 (pbk), 1-57344-003-5 (cloth). "Furthermore, my life as a writer, artist, and woman has bene transformed becuse of the very real gender and sexual revolutionthat started in the 1960s and has built momentum with each decade. Every time sexual speech has emerged from persecution and hiding, every time sexuality has been considered in public policy and dignified debate, my life has improved in spaces. For sexual discussion to move so quickly from the criminal and pathological to the realm of the creative and political is phenomenal, a triumph of honesty and democracy over hypocrisy and elitism." The sexual revolutionis not about purchase or performance ratings. [...] Sexuality-as-youy-like-it has been an option only to those with enough money and status to enjoy at their wealthy discretion -- but not for Jane, John, and Jackie Doe. Nowadays, erotic democracy is breaking out, as the end product of the sex wars. Class distinctions and allowances for sexual freedom are still intact, but they've takeni a well-deserved beating. [...] History, unfortunatley, has not been a series of triumphs for every-growing enlightenment. Sexual bigotry is still very much a religion [...] Right now, fundamentalists of all persuasions have only been titillatee with a glimpse of the largely middle-class erotic renaissance. Yes, I know they're appalled, but they aint't seen nothin' yet. Frankly, I'm sure my self life could be better -- so much better than I could possibly imagine -- if their hands had never been around my throat. --Susie Bright
January 1995