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If you don't know the thing you're dealin'...
Ooohh, I can tell you, darlin', that it's Sexual Healin' -Marvin Gaye
  • Maya's Sex Links (Society's "Warped Attitude"; Sex as Sacred; Lots of Links)
  • From A Married Anarchist by Dennis Fox
  • UUPA Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness. (poly contracts from the legal division

    A Bonobo link was found at PolyamorySociety) nice photos of chimps, click images, eventually shows pictures of bonobos, nice (other links at html-comments)

  • Much less violent than chimpanzees (and much more
    sexually open) are bonobos, our closest cousins
    linked to from:
    http://www.primates.com/bonobos/ (very nice photos, links to this
    too...) (LOOK at: http://www.bltc.com/ )
  • Bonobo Sex and Society

  • Ethical Hedonism
  • Susie Bright's website see also my Susie Bright Heros page..
  • Block Bonobo Foundation "common chimps resolve sexual issues with power. Bonobos resolve power issues with sex." (Pansexuality in Macaques
  • Anti-Puritan Action
  • Frank Moore on States of Tanpan (SFweekly: More is Moore)
  • Shaman's Cave of F Moore and his memoir, Art of Shaman

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    Bite my lip and close my eyes / Take me away to Paradise
    -Greenday, Longview

  • Maya's Page on Susie Bright has many more links to info about SB.
  • My own Susie Bright page has many excepts of some of SB's best essays.
  • Sexual Equality and Freedom (page of links I put up as part of the MAP Library).

  • When I Was A Boy song/lyrics by Dar Williams.
  • "Gender Terrorist"

  • MGM Primer by Rich Winkel -- the shocking truth -- you can help change this. (Thank goodness there is growing awareness to stop female genital mutilation; far less is known about this silent attrocity against baby boys however)

    Thought I outta bear my naked feelings!
    Thought I outta tear the curtain down!

    -Roger Waters, The Final Cut

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    is available by email request to "h" at this domain

  • Sex and the single can and School installs unisex toilets and REF Head defends unisex toilets
  • 'Gentle sex' may prevent heart attacks
  • Nursing homes "should have rooms for sex" (BBC, Apr 01)

  • http://femmerotic.com and http://scarletletters.com/ and http://scarleteen.com/
  • Mormons top tips to protect you from the evils of masturbation
  • Isaac Asimov on being a proud "dirty old man"?! (amazon)
  • Daring to Bare all first person narrative at BBC.
  • NakedBooks
  • Erotica is again called "smut" as if one and the same..BBC Aug 01
  • Rode Draad (Red Wire), as the foundation is known, maintains that ING and other Dutch banks fail to treat prostitution - which is legal in the Netherlands - as a proper profession
  • Gender Stereotypes (list of jokes, worth analyzing and "de-constructing"!)

  • RockBitch If 400 men were each offered "free sex" with a group of young attractive bisexual women, how many would take it up? Only two!
  • Study: Orgasms (including/especially from masturbation) May Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer July 2003
  • "At 78 I still like sex" she says BBC Sept 02 (also on older people: sex at any age)
  • 11? reasons against marriage by Adrien Rain Burke (or listen here to an interview with more detailed, interesting information)
  • Baby X: A Fabulous Child's Story -- by Lois Gould 1972 Gender...EXCELLENT SHORT STORY
  • My Response to "how do you feel about pornography?"
  • Rape, "Justice" and Revenge (by Cynthia Hoffman)
  • Oxford and Cambridge Universities: Condemnation of 'lust' was wrong

  • BBC: "Sex workers of the world unite" (My own preference is for a world in which the demand for prostitution did not exist..but in today's world protecting rights and decriminalization seem entirely reasonable first steps. See BBC story) 04 June, BBC.
  • Polyamory: What is it, and what it is not Good Introductory Article Are We Ready for This? UUPA, Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness brochure.
  • TERA: Topfree Equal Rights Association with some good cartoons. Coincidentally my friend Eric is friend with P. Rapoport, TERA's president.
  • Sentual Liberation progressive politics with sex-positive (but also some tacky mainstream female nudity,I may remove this link...nude photos in the middle column but a TON of progressive links on the right and left columns (as well as a few links which are both, like NakedProtests) and JoeAndNatalie pro naturism + humor +art
  • BBC on what is an orgasm and on relationships too
  • http://www.CuddleParty.com No sex is allowed. (So why's it here? Because "sexandorloveandorintimacyandorbodyetc.html" is too long a url!)
  • Infoshop "radical" suggestions for sex: "laughting out loud"!
  • BodyFreedom.org ("One of the greatest dangers for German culture and morality is the so-called naked culture movement. It takes away women's natural shame and robs men of their respect for women, so destroying the conditions for real culture." - 1933 Nazi edict banning a newly emerging and flourishing naked culture)
  • Curvier women 'will live longer' Curvy women are more likely to live longer than their slimmer counterparts, researchers have found. ..researchers found those with wider hips also appeared to be protected against heart conditions. Women with a hip measurement smaller than 40 inches, or a size 14 would not have this protection, they said. The researchers say hip fat contains a beneficial natural anti-inflammatory. "It seems that the protection is not a matter of wide hips, it's the detrimental effect of narrow hips with a lack of muscle fat, or bone or a combination of both."
  • World Naked Bike Ride June 11 US (check out Ashville North Carolina) WNBR and art
  • wrongly accused and wrongly convicted of sex abuse for more than a year and a half and no less than seven of them before found innocent ...In an unusual twist, the prosecution had urged the court to clear them...Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said the trial had been "a judicial mess". why? 05 dec
  • "Recipes for healthy, sexy bodies" from the Lettuce Ladies (with help from the Broccoli Boys).