Thanks! You are now registered as a signer of the Open Letter from the Academic Community Opposing a US Invasion of Iraq at

Please take a moment now to forward this message to five friends in the academic community, asking them to consider signing this important Open Letter. If possible include a few people based at other universities so that the word will spread.

Also please take another moment to answer these questions.

May we have your permission to include your name in our list of signers in publicizing this open letter (e.g. in letters to Editors of papers, in letters to members of Congress, etc)?
May we email you about future events related to Iraq or closely related political issues? We will not give your email address to any other groups.

Are you willing to help us? Please check any of the things below that you could do:

contribute funds (e.g. for a New York Times ad)
help organize teach-ins/etc
help with grunt work (e.g., producing & posting fliers, FAXing press outlets)
speaking to the press

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