Dr. Harel Barzilai
504 Emory Court #304
Salisbury MD 21804
Aug 23, 2005

To the Parkside office:

Since repeated requests by phone have not resulted in the needed repair, I am including this report in writing along with the satisfaction survey you have distributed (via Rinnier Management) to all residents.

The dryer in Parkside building 504 has been malfunctioning for over a month; in fact, for over 6 weeks. I first reported this to you on July 7, 2005. Again on July 17 or 18, and again on July 28 I contacted your office to let you know the problem was persisting.

The problem as I reported is laundry comes out very damp and a second or even third run is needed to get the clothes dry. This is the beginning of my 4th year at Parkside (paying the rent on time and quite often, more than a few days early) and this problem is not normally present (it may have happened once in the previous 3 years and was very promptly corrected).

So far this has cost me:

Every other resident I either know or have chanced upon in the laundry room has the same story: giving up on trying to get management action the laundry dryer, most recently today another resident from the second floor whom I encountered in the laundry room (and who brought up the issue herself without prompting) indicated having asked repeatedly that the machine be fixed and indicating she has had to pay for a second or even third dryer cycle on many occasions since this problem started.

The lack of responsiveness from Parkside management includes:

There have been other concerns about Parkside -- keeping the place safe, decent, clean, and so forth. The new management (when I spoke with you when you came in) seemed responsive. I would like to have those problems addressed as well but they take time on your park, and writing about them now is time I do not have at the moment.

I trust and hope therefore, that you will take care of them (long-term) as well of of the dryer (promptly). Thank you,

Harel Barzilai
CC: Email contact on satisfaction survey, Angela Smith, cs@rinnier.com
CC: My files.