From  Sat Sep  3 14:51:04 2005
Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2005 17:50:38 -0400
From: "Jing Quan"
Subject: Re: United Progressives: Starting an IMC

**1** Why does our region need an IMC and more specifically what is our
vision of a Salisbury IMC or Delmarva IMC. It's helpful to think in
terms of at least three tracks:

By covering global, national and local stories in a fair and open way,
we can empower the people and enhance their sense of community. It gives
them the power to speak and the power to be heard. 

**2** What kinds of resources do we have to contribute? technical
skills,  knowledge, hardware, bandwidth, organizing skills, time, money,
  etc. How about YOU?

jq: I think we need to contribute all of the above. 

**3** What kind of outreach can we do that we haven't alreaady. So far
  United Progressives has been in touch with the UUFS, PALS, and the
  Sanctuary and Education Center to a limited extent. It would be
  great to deepen those contact, add more activist groups, and maybe
  community groups -- less political, e.g. lower-income groups maybe?
  Do you have contacts, ideas, time to volunteer, skills, etc?

jq: Being a neutral organization, we should include as many community
groups as possible even when they don't agree with our views.

**4** "How does the makeup of your collective reflect the diversity of
the local community (e.g. in realtion to gender-, sexual-,
spiritual-, and/or cultural-identity)? If your group currently does
not represent the diversity of the local community, particularly in
relation to groups who are underrepresented in mainstream society
and denied access to vehicles of expression, what steps will be
taken to address this on an ongoing basis? [if you haven't attended
United Progressives meetings so you don't know our current areas of
diversity, which are we good in, which "ok", which not so good in,
just write down your thoughts on how to increase outreach and

jq: I think we are well diversed. We need to create an open and
tolerant image.

**5** What steps will be taken to involve individuals in workfields
new to them? What measures will be taken to overcome a gendered work

**6** What will our decision-making processes be? Currently we are
  thinking along the lines of formal training by an expert in the
  Consensus process.