P o e m s
  • Life... (Adam Lindsay Gordon)
  • Sight Grows Dim... (Arseniy Tarkovsky)
  • And The Risen Bread (Daniel Berrigan)
  • Who's Waving? (Ric Masten)
  • The Tyger (William Blake)
  • On Passion (Appreciation of Blake by HB)
  • Dover Beach (Mathew Arnold)
  • The Low Road by Marge Piercy
  • How Much? by Al Brenner

  • 2BPC (Harel Barzilai)
  • A Poem for Ezra (Harel Barzilai)

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  • The Rose
  • Apolitical Intellectuals
  • Native American Prayer
  • Wrapping and Rocking by Frank Moore
  • I Am Your Spy by Mordechai Vanunu, Israeli Whistleblower, written while in prison.
  • Your Life