I don't really like to give away endings, to be honest but in the last sentence of the last page of the book the main character dies. I hate to have to put it to you this way, But that is simply the way it is We all know the saying: it's the journey up the mountain (or the journey through the forest trail) That's where the joy lies Where the meaning and fulfillment come from, Not from one instant where we reach some predetermined point of destination at journey's end Yes, we've heard it and it's true: Happiness is not a destination but a way of travelling Yet how easily we forget The very next minute After the words leave our lips Like a single snowflake That melts, instantly, The moment it lands on a warm window On a winter's day And everywhere you go these days you hear, "Work Hard, and Play Hard!" but how can this make sense? "Hard" is the opposite of Easy, And looking around at the state of the world today, Having too much "easy" Is certainly not one of our pressing problems. What if instead, we work and play with enthusiasm, With Passion? And if your job doesn't hold passion for you, then findings or creating a job (or better, a Calling) which does? What if we worked and played not "hard," but deeply? And lived our lives as deeply as we can? What would the pages in our book look like, then?