[The page below was written around 1996. I've been working on a page with song/lyrics of socially aware songs old and new, a rough draft is here: lyrics.html.

See the sounds page for a more representative, more up to date (though still imperfect) reflection of my musical tastes]

Some Pink Floyd Lyrics

Some Pink Floyd Lyrics

  • Breathe

  • Title Song from Wish You Were Here

  • Selections from The Final Cut

  • Selections from The Wall

    Pink Floyd is not the best representative of my musical tastes. However there isn't much in the way of lyrics to the Classical and quality New music I like (no I am not a "New Age" freak ;-), and among all the music I listen to which has lyrics, one could do worse than pick Pink Floyd (before Roger Waters left, i.e., not "the new Pink Floyd", which I haven't listened to), to put it mildly, in choosing lyrics.

    I was introduced to Pink Floyd when I was just under 15, by my first girlfriend (who seems not to want to resurrect that unhappy -- for reasons unrelated to our relationship -- period in her life so for now I am leaving her as "SG"). SG, at the time 15 and teaching herself integral calculus, also introduced me to Douglas Adams (of Hitchhiker's Guide fame) and Rubic's Cube. I enjoyed a relationship with all three of these long after my relationship with her ended. While I don't listen to Pink Floyd nearly as often as I used to (politics/global capitalism are depressing enough..? ;-), when I do, there is no question but that much if not most of it has retained its meaning and power for me.

    Although there were some painful aspects of the relationship with SG, today I remember mostly her rich mind, my introduction to PF, DA and RC, as well as my introduction to physical contact of a pleasant sort, including on sunny days in a hammock shaded by trees, shaded also from the unpleasant worlds of my family and school. In short, these include some nice memories (especially the relaxing trees and hammock) from a period of my life that didn't have so many happy memories. Other positive memories being my relationship with my brother, my friendship and times with Harry Chomsky (including 2-3 times at Cape Cod), and two visits to my grandparents' kibbutz in '82 and '84. Amidst the darkness of Jr High, High School, and family life, those stand out as positive, happy times (the times with SG were not a particularly major beacon of happiness, but with a relative paucity of them, certainly memorable.... and quite aside from the relationship it was as a time, and that summer in particular, was a time of personal development) I seem to have forgotten that I am typing an HTML document into a file, not writing a diary entry... I guess I'll keep this though.

    Anyway, the placement of "Lyrics" in between "Poems" and "Music" was of course deliberate in the original web page...then I moved the Music section elsewhere so now Lyrics rests comfortably between Poems and Quotes...

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