In addition to sound, herbs and essential oils are another vital weapon in the war on bugs. Here are some common indoor pests and just some of the natural materials you can use to chase them away:
It's a Jungle Out There
That takes care of the indoors, but what about the great outdoors? There, gardens and humans alike are fair game, and our pest problems are often worse. When bugs start biting, try these strategies to save both crops and skin:

These are but a few of the time-tested, natural pest control strategies available to those who wisely wish to avoid the dangers of conventional chemical pesticides. They'll help keep the bugs at bay and your home a safer, healthier place to play.
Geoff Davis is a freelance writer and commercial inkslinger whose work has been featured in an variety of local and national media. He lives sustainably with his wife, daughter and faithful canine in the forested wilds of Monkton, Vermont