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  • This is Why I'll Never be an Adult I have repeatedly discovered that it is important for me not to surpass my capacity for responsibility. Over the years, this capacity has grown, but the results of exceeding it have not changed.

    Breathing Relaxation another breathing exercise   ..

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  • **FREDERICK** and YAHHOO/Frederick/SeeGRAPHofMONTHLYaverageHiandLO and weather.comFrederick&FredercikMonthly(hasPASTweather) forcast versus...... SALISBURY SBY Forecast and alt with graphics SBY SCROLL WAY DOWN TO SEE EACH DAY-OF-THE-YEAR'S AVERAGE TEMP (Frederick,MD) .......Ithaca Forecast and and radio (audio) forecasts. Even more info here or just go to main page for our region and click from menu at left (or type in zip-code) for more specific.
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  • use hank roth's discussion forum on dysphagia David 1/2/01: 500mg (2/day) Glucosamine (WITHOUT Condroitin) for joins
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  • pnews dysphagia and ESOPHAGUS DISORDERS LOOKEE_HERE !
    Health:including NOW DR RICHARDS: NITRO-GLYC!
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  • BIONs for stroke victims might help with SLEEP APNEA
  • computerized shirt could save lives (mostly for heart patients, but could also detect sleep apnea!.
  • Magnetic Pill to monitor stomach contents (could tell you the acidity...)
  • HealthSeek?? and is food allergy causing my 10+ ears of phlegm???
  • dysphagia.com!! (dysphagia.net is coming soon) (EGD summary.
  • hb/..... Can order FRUTIN from Florainc.com, 800-446-2110; and C-Salts from nutri.com, 800-325-2664
  • American Allergy Supply and another AAS. 1-800-321-1096 or 1-800-221-6483
  • OVERVIEW OF DYSPHAGIA at healthwell.com
  • LB positions ((easing into the fitness resolution)) ((mothernature'))
  • Best of REC.HUMOR.FUNNY & Steven Wright & Monty Python
  • DIGESTIVE ENDOSCOPY (76K text-only file). and Assessment of Swallowing Disorders (both of these have word "bubbles").
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