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Subject: ISO: progressive/leftwing, caring, honest special SF

Sensitive, honest, intelligent, attractive, ns/nd/ddf, in good shape, vegetarian, progressive/leftie (a past and occasional activist), loves nature, SWPM (PhD), 34yo, seeking SF (roughly 24-31 give or take) with similar yet complementary/compatible traits for friendship, romance/intimacy, and LTR (dare I say it? ideally, a soulmate/lifemate).

Other words which describe me: thoughtful, caring, passionate, romantic, creative, compassionate, feminist, warm (like to cuddle and massage) very open and honest, also slightly absent-minded/quirky, eccentric/kinky :-) trustworthy, sensual, sane, imaginative, intense, a bit of a dreamer, and a Pragmatic Idealist.

Ok, if I'm so honest why do I only list positive things about myself? Well, some of my strong traits might, on some occasions, also be classified under "flaws". These might include "sensitive", "perfectionistic", "intense". I am a hard worker and can get tense at work (academe), or take life too seriously sometimes. If you check out my web site below you'll see I'm not so bad though ;-) Again, I'm looking for someone similar in some ways, yet also compatible in ways which are complimentary.

To find out more about me, my interests, background, and much more, please explore futher and take a look at:

and pages it points to (hey, it's worth a visit just so you can steal some of my recipes I divulge! :-)

Then drop me a note at hb[at] if you think we may be compatible and think getting to know each other and exploring further possibilities would interest you.



PS: I believe I am a fairly unique person, and as such wish to "cast my net widely" throughout the U.S. Therefore, hopefully, if email and later phone contact is promising, you would be open to visits, and if these turned out well, you would give serious consideration to relocation.

Finally, if you're reading this months in the future on a web archive and I'm no longer at this address, try barzilai[AT-SIGN], or else one can hope that will forward email sent to harel[AT-SIGN] to wherever I'm at next.. :-)

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