Written 1999 but not too out of date...and raises
important compatibility issues
More about about me and what I seek..

Stats: Since I know many will want to know, I'm 5'7", 135 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, was born in Israel and came here when I was six years old. In pretty good shape, been told my face and body are attractive/nice looking. And there are photos of me in the "Photo Gallery" (near the end), which is reachable through the Images section, which is one click from the main page -- but please read on first...

Important and desirable things -- mutual respect; full openness and honesty at all times including talking about concerns (or gently/tactfully about things that might be bothering one of us), and including spending the time and energy to talk and work things out; a commitment to work on the relationship and to the long term (and understanding that it's a myth that "if it's a good relationship you don't need to 'work on it'" -- all relationships, romantic or otherwise, need loving 'maintenance work' on an on-going basis -- and lots of communication); self-respect ; lack of a cruel or vengeful bone in one's body or as close to as possible; caring and compassion for fellow human beings, non-human creatures, and for Nature and our planet Earth.

Also, a NON-religious spirituality. Politically, I'm not looking for a "liberal" woman -- am emphatically not a fan of the Democratic party -- more along the lines of people like Ralph Nader and Noam Chomsky, organizations like Greenpeace, The Greens, etc. (more information is in the "Social/Political" section linked to from the main page). But please read on just a bit further before going there...

Warning signs -- if you believe in past lives; were abused as a child; were in an abusive past relationship; you pray; believe you have "powers" mental/telepathic/etc believe in angels, "or talk to God" to "protect people"; are into tattoos or piercings, or you believe in channeling, astrology, numerology, etc. If any of these apply to you, I would like to request that you let me know right away so we can decide together whether or not we are wasting each other's time, ok?

Meditation, relaxation tapes, etc are fine (in fact good; I engage in these somewhat). A moderate interest in things like pagan/wicca on your part is also not a problem, if applicable.

More about me -- I have chosen not to own a TV (since 1985). I don't drink alcohol or coffee (rarely sodas). I most often drink water but also enjoy soy/almond/etc-milk, and a good variety of herbal tea flavors. I've never "done" other drugs nor smoked. However, I won't judge you "bad" if you are a light social drinker. Nor if you drink coffee though hopefully you're not a TCA (total coffee addict :-) or you are working on that. Oh, and I am a flosser (makes me more kissable, don't you know ;-)

In addition to being vegan, healthy eating generally is important to me, so I seek out organic when possible (here's a good reason to be vegan and avoid pesticides; alarming BBC report everyone should read on dioxin), try to avoid greasy or high-sugar foods, etc. Trust me, my diet is not boring though. See my Recipes section for a sampling!

In the posted personal I wrote, after a long list of positive traits,

Well, so if I'm so honest why do I only list positive things about myself? Ok, some of my strong traits might, on some occasions, also be classified under "flaws". These might include "sensitive" and "intense". I am a hard worker and can get stressed out on my job, or take life too seriously, sometimes. Again, I'm looking for someone similar yet also complimentary.

I would list "frugal" under strong points, not flaws, because while I'm not a big spender, I've been called generous as far are gifts -- I like giving, I like giving thoughtfully chosen gifts and presents, just not pricy ones. I spend a good deal of money, for example, on high-quality items which matter like high quality food, or practical things like air cleaners, water filters. Etc. I pride myself in having found practical, and often esthetically beautiful, or even unique, but non expensive items for my apartment. However "perfectionistic" is a trait of mine which can sometimes be a negative. And I don't always find it easy to relax, though I've been making progress on that score (see "relaxation tapes" above :-)

Another example of "complementarity" is a woman who is supportive of my intense workload in my career. It means helping me relax and not take life too seriously, suggesting a nature walk/break, etc -- but it also means that she is very understanding of the fact that my workload means there are times when we (or at least I) can't partake in some of the things we enjoy such as going out toe enjoy the outdoors.

What else? As you might have noted, I'm rather against "buy! buy! buy!" consumer mentality which is threatening to take over our culture (I take that back, which has taken it over :-) and am near the opposite end of the spectrum from materialistic. As I said, practical and idealist combine well in me, as do "practical" and "aesthetic". I still remember my grandmother's practical-yet-aesthetic collections in her hour -- silverware, trays, decorative items which were also containers, etc.

Instead of consumption and materialism I seek out meaning and beauty (and e.g. vacationing) in more meaningful ways than those with which we are bombarded in this capitalist-materialist world...the main page will hopefully give you glimpses of what I'm passionate about, what I find beautiful, meaningful, and so forth...

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