My Compositions
and partial attempts towards compositions (-:
(Minute index from a tape)

0:00-2:20 First Composition
2:30-7:12 "Night" (or Inner Struggle)
This version with shorter segment near end
(In the key of ``diminished'')
7:19-8:21 Spring Melody, in two keys.
(played on a Mac 512K back in '86 or '87)
8:33-15:00 (there is a silent pause at 14:00)
Variations and improvisations on theme
(by someone who can't play the piano)
bits of First Composition...
16:49-21:47 "Night" -- played better; with better ending.

Attempts to put some of these online...

  • Spring Melody (0:57 midi file; please read below before listening)
    At Dartmouth College in Music 18 (Spring 1986) Introduction to Music Theory class, we were assigned to compose a little melody. I wanted to do more, and got an A+ for going above and beyond the call of duty with this short musical piece-sans-harmony (maybe some day? I also have idea for expanding the melody). It might be better with flute and cello or flute and viola.

    Many thanks to my friend Eric Schissel for creating this midi file from my handwritten score (see also his Midi page) which was preferable to trying to audio-sample the cassette tape I have of my old "Fat Mac (512K RAM)" playing it with MusicWorks back in 1986, although the instrument I used then was "tubular bells" rather than piano, which was also an interesting timbre.

    P.S. Yes, the modulation from C to C# was deliberate, though adding a second instrument and slowing down would improve execution, I think...

  • First Composition (2:12 minutes; please read below before listening)

    A heroic attempt by Eric to turn a cassette recording of my "First Composition" from my very bad piano playing (after a grand total of 13 piano lesson in my entire life, having even less patience than natural piano playing ability), into a midi file. Although some places are slower when they should be faster, and some the other way around (I blame the program Encore (e.g. first chord of pieace missing!), not you Eric..and I should have explained which piano-playing mistakes should not be transcribed! Maybe we can work together to 'massage' this midi a bit some day though :-) does capture some of the feel of this piano melody with variations.

    Written just about right after my 13 lessons, so age 16 or early 17, probably in 1983.

  • It would be great to bring this piece to its full(er) potential, and even more so the "Night" piece (my best, and with its own innovative harmony)...these will have to wait until I'm retired or at least not a 'wage slave'..?

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