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    Nature Sounds! (and white pink noise) 100% Legal Downloads ! A UK Sound engineer recorded the four hour-long nature sounds (and Pink Noise) and had for free legal download from his website..I saved...Also in 2012 living in Thurmont, MD, I used a digital recorder by the Trolley Trail park's babbling brook to record my own...not perfect, some voices of passer-bys can be heard near the very end..but still relaxing (mine is 50 minutes long and only 48 megabytes in size)

    (113.1 MB) Amazon%20Rainforest%202010.mp3
    (116.6 MB) Ocean%20Waves.mp3
    (101.3 MB) Pink%20Noise.mp3
    (72.4 MB) Rainfall60MP3_160k.mp3
    (115.3 MB) Thunder-Light%20Rain.mp3
      (48.1 MB)thurmontcitypark-stream.oct2012.VN810026.mp3
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