2017 April:
samsung galaxy cell phone: see separate 
b)walmart family mobile pin(ooga_2)
c) separate t-mobile itself(exists??)
but: a) "harelb"[sic] and [main init]["for"][sS][ooga_1]
MINE is Android 2.3.7 (Settings→ About Phone]
  • g3telcomINFO   ||  chorme.google.com's ublock (see also the uBlock site itself
  • WARNING, this is the "adblockPlus" UNRELATED to "AdBlock" -- the "plus" kind that DOES include some adsadblockplus.org/android-install and their about page.
  • Mozilla's adblock-edge/" but since it has been discontinued and I am now using ublock as the creator has said it was in favor of ublock. It was great while it lasted"
  • ewg.org/2015sunscreen/best-sunscreens/best-beach-sport-sunscreens SEARCH from store to see if it's good...
  • GOOGLE forhow google gmail app delete "disable sync"
  • HOW TO SEND ATTACHMENT? I DO NOT USE 'GMAIL APP' (even if I did, "attach" paperclip icon MIGHT work IF recognizes my file browser..?) INSTEAD, USE FILE BROWSER, CLICK-AND-HOLD to "attach" and use the Email app (not Gmail app) where I gave it the "pop3" of my barzilai@gmail, and it DID work on june 28, 2015

  • hb.org/insurance/ my info
  • **hb.org/tel-address**
  • SECU's MOBILE banking info/links/overview

  • play.googlre.com APP: CM cleanMaster 2.1M "no more ads" (no longer included in App) SpeedBooster and CacheCleaner (but I have LATTER so should find App with JUST former!?) include sCPU-cooler so it lasts longer
  • CM App: flashlight/compass/SOS signal

  • hb.org/directions/