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    Lewis: Two of the big names in ad blocking, just for context for our
      listeners, there's AdBlock...
    O'Reilly: Which was an open source.
    Lewis: Yeah. It's totally free, there's suggested donation to support
      the developer Michael Gundlach.
    O'Reilly: Have you ever donated?
    Lewis: I have not. No. I shamelessly downloaded it as a teenager. That
      was my copout. I was a teenager. I don't need to pay for anything.
    O'Reilly: Right.
    Lewis: Then there's Adblock Plus, also free, and while their names are
      extremely similar, they are independently operated; no
      connection. The big difference is -- as I understand it -- AdBlock
      is totally ad free, and Adblock Plus has 'white listed' ads, which
      is something we'll touch on later in the show.
    ... Google has a 'white list
      agreement' with Adblock Plus and a couple advertisers -- notably --
    				-- Microsoft and Amazon -- have that
      as well. Adblock Plus has these 'approved' ad providers.
    O'Reilly: Okay.
    Lewis: They're approved because they're supposedly
      'non-intrusive'. They're not as disruptive for your online
      experience. Adblock Plus reportedly gets a 30% commission on ads
      served up through its White List Provider program.