• GardenAction.co.uk

  • TheGreenGuide.com links.html (harelbarzilai.org)
  • alternatives in personal life
    Vegan-Food.net VeganChef.com VeggieChef.com
    Nonleather Belts, Shoes, etc
    HeartLand Shoes VeganEsentials VeganLine
    GreenPeople (product directory)
    Green Marketplace.com
    "the how-to site for less toxic living" ;
    includes evaluating the health of your house
    Wind-Solar-Hydro cheap: EArthSolar.com
    Silly name but
    See Harmony catalog
    Many Moons Alternatives
    Safer, eco-friendly women's hygene
    products; Organic Pillows & Fabric...
    Bergey Small
    Wind Turbines
    Seventh Generation products
  • Chlorine Free Products Association (see also Chlorine Free Paper Consortium) & Pesticide Action Network

  • New Organics Health Valley Muir Glen Burt's Bees catalog
    Dr. Emmette Miller
    Deep Healing. Originator of self-help tapes
    Dr. Breggin
    Author of Toxic Psychiatry, and Talking Back to Ritalin
    10 things you can do to contribute to
    internal, interpersonal, and organizational peace
    ForTheLittleOnesInside found via TwinOaks memeber's page
    P o s i t i v e    A l t e r n a t i v e s
    EthicalConsumer.org (UK)
    Vegan "Starter Pack"
    SlowFood.com alternative to the
    "fast food" takeover of our diet.
    WhiteDot.org -- finding alternatives to television GoodWorks careers for social change     &     EcoJobs.com
  • Activist Jobs

    Don't mind the mess below, where things are unsorted, and just for future reference for me to look at and possibly add, or just interesting

  • LlamaLinks huge meta-listing
  • nontoxic bodycare and workign for life (careers/passions) and nontoxic care care and your money style and natural nontoxic cleaning (make-your-own); recycling a computer (PC) adn recycling 'other stuff'
  • ADA STATEMENT ON VEGGIE DIETS and a warning about B12
  • CHOICE Consumers for Healthy Options in Children's Education
  • NoMilk.com see also
    Mad Cow Disease (the official web site).
  • LiFizz (BUT has Aspartame!) or: AlarcerCorp (liquid vitamins, but with Aspartic Acid )-:
    http://www.wholepeople.com/ and
  • Dr. Weil on nontoxic cleaning of your house
  • PowerBarOnlineStore being remodeled (May 00)
  • CliffBar.com "welcome to my future site" (May 00)
  • CoopAmerica.org
  • cVeggies unite
  • Barleans Flax Oils

    NonToxic.comOrganic cotton/wool bedding; KBCotton nonorganic but "natural" 100% cotton pillows.BeanProducts sleeping-beans,pillows,hemp backpacks, etc

    ORGANIC COTTON/ORGANIC WOOL. bedding, mattresses, futons, comforters, mattress pads. www.nontoxic.com. Call for specifications, discounted prices on Natura, Crown, Natural bedroom, Furnature and Sleeptek. (800) 968-9355.

    ShoppersGuide by All4Vegan.

  • NewOrganics.com

  • Alternative/"radical" Biblio & Jay's Leftist and Progressive Internet Resources
    Naturist ("nudist") Rights/Advocacy and BodyElectric (besides MM and WW workshops also workshops for both) (coed) similar Human Awareness Institute linked to from nfnc.org and their summer camp
  • The truth about Organic Foods & Healthy home and office
  • Community Shared Agriculture (CSA)
  • Relaxing.html
  • What would we do Without advertising?
  • BBC: relaxation methods/.ram audio file also BBC on mental diaries looks interesting
  • ecovillages and Cohousing & Intentional Communities Links
    Cummings in www.ic.org
  • effects of chemicals/pesticides on health

  • Global EcoVillage Network and The CoHousing Network
  • Juicers at rawtimes.com, see also their recipes
  • more vitamix
  • VegWeb ****
  • veganoutreach
  • VUgreeting cards and no eastern shore diatician yet.. and relax radio
  • NewOrganics
  • organic etc lawn care
  • peace education for children

  • by FTP Rich's article on MGM and a NEWER pdf at primer2.pdf and milos-macris
  • BBC on stress

  • scenic.org
  • Leather-Alternatives (e.g. non-leather belts, etc)
    What's in your milk:
    Fuel Cells:
    http://www.greenvolt.com/Field_test.htm (ZeroEmissVehicle)
    Check out:
    PIM ORGANICS: http://www.pim4u.com/organics.html
    Laura W. says check out: http://www.pathwaysoflight.org/
  • http://www.brycchouse.org/paz/ http://www.plants4cleanair.org/
  • intentional living OH, "The Edges".
  • EcoLivingCenter.com and zendik and and big list of sites and north american fed and GlobalEcoVillageNetworkGAIA.ORG see also CoHousing.Org
  • Nature themed desktop photos
  • The Invention of the Biochemical Imbalance Myth

    air car (MDI)

  • HealthSmartVitamins
  • VeganEssentials.com
  • RawFoodInfo.com
  • VeganCooking.com
  • Vegan-Info.com

  • Look at for natural soap ask for Complete ingredients list..
  • SunWaterCo see also great links on AltPower http://www.wizard.net/~ethan/ahimsa.htm
  • cancer risk new kind of research, re heated-carbs, fries, chips,etc.. see here too on cooked food and read about CANOLA OIL dangers and

  • Radon info and the RADON KIT
  • misc.activism.progressive Green Eggs Report archive.

    To make a greener planet we also need to put ourselves on a sound financial footing ...so..
  • "Retire "on" $125,000"
  • OAT anarcho-type community?? disc-boards?
  • Co-Counseling -- what is it? a brief overview.
  • VermontRepublic intentioanl type but "break away from the US" but not right-wing-libertarian like hte NH folks

    "Initially, we set up a rainwater catchment system with an 850-gallon underground cistern. We use a simple humanure, sawdust-composting system, as taught by Joe Jenkins in his book the Humanure Handbook http://www.weblife.org/humanure/ (we have no blackwater on our property) and we use all our greywater for trees and plants. Also, we're able to grow a significant part of our food on the windowsills of our B.E.L.L., which has 19 windows. A large part of our food is Biogenic (life-generating) sprouts and baby greens Because the B.E.L.L. is octagonal and surrounded by windows, it makes it somewhat like living in a greenhouse, complete with natural lighting and fresh air."http://geocities.com/newlibertyvillage/earthstar/aboutus.htm

  • PathToFreedom.com

  • ICs: sunriseranch.org/main2.shtml
    Sounds like a well thought out plan. For housing also look into
    Monolithic Domes. These are concrete dome houses that can be built by
    a local contractor. The company that sells the plans is out of
    Texas. They blow up an inflatable ballon and then spray concrete over
    it. The end result is an almost indestructable concrete shell house.
    These homes cost 50% less to heat and cool and are fire, tornado and
    hurricane proof.
    NICE http://www.monolithic.com/domenews/index.html
  • polyBrite.com and 04 sept article cliaming bults "in a few months" for "n o more than 3x price of reg incand bulb"
  • SolarElectric and solarComponents and PowerFromTheSun links from back of Mother Earth News. Last of these 3 inlucdes manual on under $500 systems build-it-yourself etc.
  • WaterHarvesting
  • gizmo electric car street legal, miin-car, goes up to 45mph
  • Maya 100 by electrovaya electric car
  • LIGHT: The Leadership Institute for Global Healing and Transformation (Dr. Emmett Miller)
  • light bulbs (not so easy website but there's a 800# for full spectrum bulbs etc
  • Kevin/Donna's BELL discussion board from their Earthstar www.lehmans.com sells old timey blades that can be resharpened. Then make your own soap for lathering your face. This is the proven way that was figured out long ago. Great question, thanks for sharing. Also, I would like some feedback from others about their thoughts on the peak oil situation, and what they are choosing to do to transition. And if you are unfamiliar with this please check out Matt Savinar's excellent source. www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net
  • twin blade and a single blade (probably better, no?) in the "traditional safety razor" or "straight razor" type...and the EarthStar discussion board may have support for finding a way to sharpen them....

  • look at progressive ecards e-cards?

  • http://www.naderlibrary.com/