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    Alternative Community School (Ithaca, NY) - ACS is a small middle school/high school, grades 6 through 12. There are about 260 students, who are accepted to ACS through random draw from the applicant pool. ACS is a public school, and there are no fees or tuition. We are an alternative to traditional schools, in our curricular and school governance philosophies. We believe in being both a community within our school and being part of the larger Ithaca community. (cited here)

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     *6. Featured Region: Ithaca, New York* 
     Ithaca New York is a region with rich political and social activity.
    The natural resources of the area combined with a large student
    population and a lengthy political history has resulted in the
    development of a highly active and socially aware community. This
    area is composed of many awareness groups and organizations that are
    working to implement relocalization strategies in response to the
    challenges of peak oil. 
     One such organization is the Tompkins County Relocalization Project
    {http://www.ibiblio.org/tcrp/doc/project.htm}, which is working to
    help the region develop the ability to provide its own goods,
    services and energy. This group also actively shares the scope of the
    project with other groups and individuals in the community by
    providing presentations on peak oil, offering responses to the
    problem, and by serving as a general umbrella organization for other
    groups working on related initiatives. Some of the local
    organizations that share research, ideas and collaborate on
    relocalization projects through this loosely affiliated network are;
    Post Carbon Ithaca Outpost {http://www.postcarbon.org/groups/ithaca},
    The Ithaca Green Builders Alliance, Finger Lakes Permaculture
    GreenStar Co-operative {http://www.greenstarcoop.com/}, Ithaca
    Farmers' Market {http://www.ithacamarket.com/}, EcoVillage at Ithaca
    {http://www.ecovillage.ithaca.ny.us/}, Ithaca Car Share
    {http://www.ithacacarshare.org/} and the Rural Health Network. Ithaca
    is also the home of the Ithaca HOURS {http://www.ithacahours.org/},
    one of the most well known local currency systems in the United
    States, The Cornell University Co-operative Extension, which is
    sponsoring the Buy Local Food Campaign, and Sustainable Tompkins
    a collective of various groups promoting sustainable activities in
    the area.
     This diverse collection of local organizations continues to grow and
    thrive in Ithaca as a result of strong interdependent relationships
    within the community that are built on a foundation of mutual support
    and cooperation. This network of local initiatives demonstrates how
    community groups including the Post Carbon Ithaca Outpost can work
    together to develop successful relocalization strategies by sharing
    information, ideas and resources. 
    [Feb 13? 06 post carbon newsletter]