Picture Gallery

  • Summer 2004: Harel visiting nationally known community activist Paul Glover at Glover's home in Ithaca, with Paul Glover (photo with Harel) the man behind Ithaca Hours (see also here) and the Ithaca Health Fund (now Ithaca Health Alliance).

  • Fall 2004: Shameless photo of the event at which I received the 2004 Outstanding Mathematics Education Professor award from Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Maryland affiliate of NCTM.

  • Julian Darley, founder of the Post Carbon Institute (www.postcarbon.org and globalpublicmedia.com) at Hunan Palace with his main Salisbury University host Harel Barzilai (also with physics professor Andy Pica) after Julian's main talk (Nov. 2004)

  • January 2005: At Peace rally, reading poems (namely And The Risen Bread by Daniel Berrigan and The Low Road by Marge Piercy). Me holding a sign "Dissent is Patriotic. Torture Is Not" someone made for me based on this slogan I had previously come up with. We had a large turnout (25+ people) and a potluck dinner afterwards at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Salisbury. Following the potluck, there was music and a panel.

    I was one of four invited panelists at a Panel/Discussion on "where to go from here?" for the peace movement.

  • Spring 2005. Exhausted but happy: Permaculture expert and resident of Earthaven EcoVillage (Black Mountain, NC), invited speaker Patricia Allison and her main Salisbury University host Harel Barzilai, after Patricia's main Wed night talk (May 2005. Ignore wrong time/date stamps on photo).

  • Fall 2006 official photo in front of Malott Hall (Mathematics Department) at Cornell University, the site of my 2006-2007 Sabbatical position as Visiting Associate Professor. A more relaxed photo than most here. I like it. A bush with flowers in the background.

  • Spring 2007 -- From a workshop I gave at Cornell University for math teachers from surrounding counties -- mini-lecture and discussion (Happy to say they were quite engaged during the group-work activities I designed and was pleased to be able to share with them)

  • Summer 2008 When in better shape, jogging even in the rain, and then jogging back home and another (to document what a full 'bath' I received) back from jogging in rain, a huge downpour actually, and proud to have not just survived it but to have actually enjoyed the jogging back home in the heavy rain.

  • 2012 You know you're at risk of appearing to have gone mainsream when they're awarding you with honors with namews like "Gold Club"..! ;-) For faculty who brought in more than $500.000 to Salisbury University..Don't worry, it helps keep one modest knowing that there were even more faculty in the Platinum Club (more than $1M in grants) than in the Gold.. Back in 2000/2001 when HWA and I got that NSF grant, it was the then-largest NSF grant ever at the university..not so these days..! (SU Press release page)(SU web page(backup)) )
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