Some Interesting Folks
(in semi-random order)

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  • Although we have unfortunately not kept in regular contact, I knew Michael Greger as a friend and fellow activist when he was an undergraduate (and I a graduate student in mathematics) at Cornell. His Short autobiography (or shorter "bio" on his main page). Please read over this review of this book "Heart Failure" about Medical School What Patients need to know these truths, too! Greger also coordinates the Mad Cow Disease website of the Organic Consumers Association. See his CounterPunch article on Mad Cow's discovery in Canada and the US risk.

  • John Lamperti (Norwich, VT) Retired Dartmouth Professor. Known to wear "Emmy Neother" and "Reject the Null Hypothesis" T-shirts, I knew him at Dartmouth as my Math 20 (And later grad level probability) professor, and as an activist (Central America, peace etc), and friend. John very kindly let me stay at his house for a month or so in 91 after I had to leave Chicago (air pollution) and before I found Cornell as my next stop.