Dear Washer Repair technician:

1. I have recorded on the voice recorder (directions below) so you can hear the noises and banging washer makes.

[Update: 2nd new problem started this past weekend: there is no cold water coming out, cold valve seems to be shut. Note this is a new and separate unrelated problem (the shaking had been happening for many weeks before this 'cold water' issue started; please repair both or I will need to call back. Thanks!]

2. Summary:

A. The washer has been making noises during spin cycle, sometimes even violently jumping by time I get to washer, other times noisy click and bang/shaking (and shifting on floor) without jumping . I lift the lid to force a stop, wait a moment, and then I put the lid down. It resumes spin. Sometimes need to do this 2 or 3 times, finally it finished the cycle.

B. Doesn't happen every time; but frequency ↑ and now happens almost every time

C. I am following instructions, using "super" size and filling up to the level in the Manual. I am loading up the washer as I always have, balancing as I always have, putting clothes "loose" (not compressed) as I always have, , etc, before I start the cycle - and have never had this problem in the past with any previous washer..if anything I'm being gentler than the average household (see "jeans" below).

Landlady asked if I'm putting in 7 jeans at once. No, in fact the opposite: one time I had one single(!) pair of jeans (the rest are lighter clothes, underwear, undershirt, light dress shirts, socks etc) and it still caused banging/shaking so had to lift the lid etc.

How to play sounds from digital recorder:

(1) Push and hold down the switch on left side of recorder. It
will display "OLYMPUS" and turn on.

(2) Make sure it says "A" (one of the five folders) if by mistake you
get into "B" or another, use the bottom-right button "folder index" to
get back to "A"

(3) It should say "01/03" near the top left, next to the "A" meaning
there are three files. Press the central button marked with a "play"
triangular shape to play the clip you're on.

(4) Click the  "previous track" or "next track" to get to 02/03 (the
2nd of the 3) and to 03/03 (the third of the three) audio file.

File #1, 23 second audio, washer in spin on Sat Nov 24th:

Starting 2 seconds into the clip and ending at the 3rd or 4th second there is the noise. Then it stops by itself until the 12th second when it starts again, this time persistently. At the 19th second I've opened the lid in order to avoid the washer's continued "knocking" from damaging itself, forcing the spin to stop. Later when the lid was put down the washer finished ok but with one or two short incidents of "knocking" but which were very brief and stopped by themselves.

Files 2 and 3, (14 and 30 seconds long) are two of the three times this happened on Dec 14

It now happens regularly. Don't want to have to to "babysit" the washer every single time I run it to run and lift lid to stop before it damages itself (which would cost more on the Warranty) by violently jumping.