Below are typed excepts from Dr. Emmett Miller's tapes...

Actually, the tapes have relaxation/imagery parts, but also the other
side of the tape often has a "heart to heart talk with Dr. Miller"
where he discusses how to use the tape, background, and so on...

It's from these talks that this is excerpted...This one is from "Inner
Child Healing" and I hope it comes across in text instead of hearing
his voice speaking these words... Then there is something from the "I
Am" tape.

Whether or not you decide you want to try out any of the tapes, I hope
some of Dr. Miller's words are as interesting -- and useful and
emotionally meaningful -- to you as they have been to me.

PART ONE: From "Inner Child Healing" tape

"Within the squealing, writhing, helpless newborn infant, although it
may not be immediately visible to the naked eye, there is a Vital
Spirit; warmth, security, soft voices, responsiveness, smiles and
laughter, nurture the growth of this Spirit -- it needs tenderness,
attention, and loving.

Without such support, it begins to wither and die, just as newborn
Gineah pigs will die without licking and stroking by the

Premature babies who do not receive daily stroking are more likely to
become ill and perish, and children in orphanages who are not given
attention die more frequently.

Similarly, a child whose physical needs are met, but whose spirit is
not nurtured, may survive physically, but he will be spiritually
malnourished, and stunted.






and loving.

These are intrinsic parts of its ability to grow, to change, and to
heal --just watch the enthusiasm and inquisitiveness of little
children, always busy exploring and enjoying.

At birth we feel Powerful, we feel capable, and enthusiastic about the
world. We are unselfconsciously in touch with the Self. We have a
*natural* self-confidence.

The tragedy is that far too often, parents and others in the
environment fail to see the beauty of this human spirit, and if we do
not love and cherish this human spirit, we fail to give it what it

Once a child has been programmed to fit into one of another cultural
role, it begins to think, "that's how things are", or, "that's the
way I have to be", and something within begins to wilt.. The free
spirit of the child is gradually smothered.

We are taught, by our care-givers and by our culture, to feel ashamed
when we fail at something, even if we have sincerely given it our full
attention and effort..

We are taught to feel guilty about things we have
done that others don't want us to do..

We are compared negatively with others, and trained to feel
inadequate, defective, not good enough.. We fail to receive
unconditional love, respect and acceptance.. We are not cherished as
the precious beings of light that we truly are.

These are some of the ways we are spiritually crippled by our

Even when there has been no *outright* abuse, in the usual sense of the
word, this lack of nurturance,  *in* *itself* constitutes abuse --
spiritual abuse.

I have come to believe that truly deep healing cannot
take place until the Spirit, too,  has been healed.

When a fool, or one who is inexperienced looks at an acorn, he sees
only a nut; the wise person sees an oak tree.

But in order to become an oak tree, the acorn must receive support,
protection, and nurturing.

Similarly, when inept, inexperienced and inadequate parents look at a
child, they see only a squirming mass of protoplasm that they think
needs to be housebroken and trained "like a seal" or "a circus dog"

When eyes that have been opened by wisdom look at an infant, they see
a unique, special, beautiful person -- a Once-Only Event on this Earth,
that needs support, protection, and nurturance, so it can learn to
thrive, to enjoy, and express its Truth, in this new world in which it
finds itself.

And just as the body needs physical nutrients, the developing Self,
-- the Spirit or Soul if you will -- needs its own kinds of
nutrients: love, respect, responsiveness, honesty [...]

[Story about a friend who adopted a young African girl from a refugee
camp, a child who grew many inches and gained many pounds after a very
short time of finally being given enough food]

The child had been stunted in both height and weight, by the lack of
proper food. As soon as the food was provided, she quickly grew into
her physical potential..

PART TWO: From "I AM" tape on the Self (and self-esteem, self-acceptance)

"...In the world of people in which we live, driven as it is by the
desire to dominate, mislead, and use others for our own material gain,
it is perhaps not too surprising that far more effort goes into
telling people that they are basically *not* alright, than into
guiding people towards self-acceptance.

"The world at large seems to believe that you have to control 
other people and use *them* in order to get more for yourself. A few
hours of network television or a visit to the magazine rack at your
local news stand will give you an idea of the degree to which  our s
culture has bought into this unfortunate misunderstanding

And the truth is that most of us are afraid of discovering who we
really are. [are we influenced by Freud thinking we have an evil Id
inside] and aren't our parents and everyone else always telling us
that we can be better? Aren't we always trying to avoid being found
out by our teachers, the highway patrol, the boss, the IRS?

In a world where we hide from everyone else, it seems all too natural
to hide from ourselves as well. It's no wonder that we have a tendency
to see ourselves as intrinsically bad. We all fear that if ever find
out who we really are, we won't like ourselves.

Fortunately however, this is not what actually happens when we look
honestly within. Gently guided to quiet the outside distractions and
to become aware of who they really are, people discover that they *do*
like themselves. In fact, they love themselves. And the thing they
like is not that they've made so much money or that they're so famous
or so powerful or that they're better than others.

The feeling goes deeper than what they HAVE -- and deeper even than
what they've DONE -- to the level of what they *ARE*. They begin to
realize that basically each one of us is lovable. That underneath all
the fears of inadequacy that have been programmed into us, each of us
is worthy, and deserving of love.

But don't get me wrong. Liking yourself doesn't mean you have to like
everything you do. In fact, liking yourself is the most powerful
place to start from if you want to change those things that you don't
like about yourself. If you like yourself and respect yourself then
you have a strong genuine basis for wanting to change your behavior
patterns so they'll reflect the beauty that you know is inside you. ..

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Miller first comments on the centrality of being able to "quiet the
mind" in order to achieve peace, meditate, or get to know oneself:

['s so common o hear people say, 'gee, I didn't realize how fast I was
going until I slowed down'"]

"To become aware of your self and of the still small voice within is
no less important, but you must be willing to move beyond the level at
which most people send their lives, busily trying to live up to the
expectations of others.

You must be wiling to erase all the negatives, all the fears about
what you are not, and the concerns about what you might not get .for a
few minutes you must be willing to forget -- what went wrong, or might
go wrong, how someone else may be doing it better, how much time this
[the relaxation ?]  is taking you, how many mistakes you're making
along the way, what you did in the past that you weren't proud of,
what obstacles may loom in the future, where you will find the
resources to achieve your goals.

You must learn to systematically screen such thoughts out of your

Of course, there is an appropriate time for such analytical thinking..
but it's not now.

Indeed, relaxing the mind is not an easy task. In this high-speed,
high-tech world, we are so bombarded by stimuli, it is almost
impossible to become aware of ourselves.

Indeed, this constant stimulation by the material world is *designed*
to keep us off balance, clutching for things to keep from falling.

These things are then offered to us for a price...

And part of what we pay is then used to create *further* advertising
designed to push us even *further* off balance. It's a vicious
circle. The good news is that the circle can be broken, but only by
your being willing to stop [and work with the mind-clearing and then
relaxation and then self-acceptance techniques such as those in the

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