Q: What does Bush Admin say about Global Warming? A: In the headlines, they assert it is "uncertain" but quietly THEIR OWN REPORTS admit: * Global Warming "is real and has been particularly strong within the past 20 years ... due mostly to human activities." -George Bush's EPA (2002) * Another report "acknowledg[es]..human influence on global warming" -Bush Admin's own 13-Agency report, Our Changing Planet (Sept 04) , with cover letter Congress signed by Bush's Secretaries of Commerce and Energy, and his Science Adviser Q: ARE THE SCIENTISTS DIVIDED? A: NO, there is *overwhelming* consensus that Global Warming is real, a "threat", and related to human activities such as fossil fuel burning Q: Which Scientists say this? A: "There is no doubt that the composition of the atmosphere is changing because of human activities, and today greenhouse gases are the largest human influence on global climate," "The likely result is more frequent heat waves, droughts, extreme precipitation events, and related impacts, e.g., wildfires, heat stress, vegetation changes, and sea-level rise which will be regionally dependent." "Given what has happened to date and is projected in the future, significant further climate change is guaranteed..Climate change..may prove to be humanity's greatest challenge, -THOMAS KARL, Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Climatic Data Center, and KEVIN TRENBERTH, head of the Climate Analysis Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, December 2003. Q: Who else says it's true? A: Headline: Earth warming at faster pace, say top science group's leaders. Statement by American Geophysical Union's council warns temperature change is real and human-caused" "The unprecedented increases in greenhouse gas concentrations, together with other human influences on climate over the past century and those anticipated for the future, constitute a real basis for concern." -US Geophysical Union (Dec 2003) Q: Wow! Who else? A: The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Q: What is the IPCC? A: Involving literally hundreds of expert climate scientists, this is one of the largest-ever open scientific peer-review processes in human history. The UN created the IPCC at the request of, and with the specific involvement of, the American Academy of Science Q: What are the findings of the prestigious American Academy of Science itself? A: "Governments and consumers in the United States and worldwide should take immediate steps to reduce the threat of global warming and to prepare for a future in which coastal flooding, reduced crop yields and elevated rates of climate-related illness are all but certain" -American Academy of Science, June 2004 press release Q: How about individual experts? A: "We are performing an experiment at a planetary scale that hasn't been done for millions of years..We cannot wait for a catastrophe to appear before we act because by then it would be too late. The next few decades will determine our path for the next century." -Harvard geochemistry Prof Daniel Schrag A: "Antarctica is very dramatically losing ice at this point," Oppenheimer told reporters at the conference. "If Greenland or West Antarctica disintegrated, the state of Florida would disappear." Michael Oppenheimer, Professor of Geosciences & International Affairs, Princeton University Q: Wow, that's just about every top world expert science group! A: You can also add the Conference Board, a U.S. Business group, and the prestigious American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) who in a joint press released indicated that growing scientific evidence is confirming that the world's climate is radically changing and that human activity is now contributing to global warming..and .expanding scientific evidence has shown that that climate change is "an urgent priority that must be addressed" (Sept 04) A: "Governments and consumers in the United States and worldwide should take immediate steps to reduce the threat of global warming and to prepare for a future in which coastal flooding, reduced crop yields and elevated rates of climate-related illness are all but certain, top U.S. scientists said Tuesday. "At a meeting organized by AAAS [American Association for the Advancement of Science] and its journal, Science, the climate researchers argued that while some policy experts and sectors of the public dispute the risk, there is in fact no cause for doubt: The world is significantly warmer today than it was a century ago -- and it's getting warmer.." (June 2004) "Last June (2003), another National Academy of Sciences panel of top U.S. scientists commissioned by the White House declared that global warming was a real problem and was getting worse. The panel said human activity was largely responsible" ****************************** Q: How much oil are we using each year? A: The amount of oil the world currenctly *burns* is 82 million barrels (82,000,000 barrels) per *day* This is well over a trillion (one thousand billion or 1,000,000,000,000) gallons per year. ****************************** Quotes about Alaska etc if there is space ****************************** Contact infor for ESA: email (JR?), etc.. ****************************** Postscript: Joanna, please do NOT quote in the flyers but, feel free to look over: http://economicdemocracy.org/eco/climate-summary.html http://harelbarzilai.org/talks/04f-uu-peak/sayswho.html http://harelbarzilai.org/talks/04f-uu-peak/sayswho2.html http://harelbarzilai.org/talks/04f-uu-peak/sayswho3.html Images feel free to use if space allows http://economicdemocracy.org/eco/images/graph4.gif http://economicdemocracy.org/eco/images/med-co2-only-AntarcticIce.gif http://economicdemocracy.org/eco/images/loa-first-05-found.jpg http://economicdemocracy.org/eco/images/loa-slopes-monthlyCO2.jpg