Harel Barzilai
35404 Wango Rd #2
Pittsville MD 21850
June 7, 2002

Dear Walter,

After some thought, I've decided that a housing arrangement which is closer to the University would be a better location for me for next year so after some deliberation I've decided to move.

Although the Lease only requires that I provide you with a 30 day notice, I'm giving even more notice, as much notice as I can (since I realize that finding a new tenant takes time just as finding a new apartment does), by writing this today, the day I received in writing my lease for my new apartment.

As of July 15th my new address will be 504 Emory Ct. Apt 304, in Salisbury MD 21804. Although I don't yet have a new phone number at that location I will be happy to provide you with it if you wish when the phone company establishes one for me at that address.

To make for a smoother transition and to give me more time to move out of and to clean out the Wango Rd apartment, however, I would like my last day here to be July the 20th (that is in 44 days). Thus I am enclosing the full month's rent for June 12-July 11, and will send you the prorated rent for the extra 9 days through and including the 20th of July as well. For the inspection, any weekday during that last week or the following would be fine, though due to teaching of a summer course I will not be able to attend one earlier than 1pm. I intend to have the apartment fully empty and cleaned up of course so there should be no problem.

I've enjoyed living in Powellville, the sun room, and many other aspects, but it's time for me to move on. Thanks and good luck with all of your rental units.


Harel Barzilai