Picture Gallery

1946 (when I was negative 20 years old..)

Taken June(?) 1946 when my mother Dina was 3 3/4 years old! (on my grandfather's shoulders)
Dina & Ezra
smaller 500dpi
Dina & Ezra
500dpi (huge)
Dina & Ezra
300dpi (very big)

My Baby Years 1966-1968
When I was a baby.. Dated Nov 1967 (13 months old)
A conspiracy with my cousin Shachar..
Dated 1968...

Circa 1984

With Harry Chomsky (on left), late HS, about 1984 At the swing in our backyard in Lexington. (Harry coined the term "The Infamous H & H Duo" for us) A Winter storm later knocked the tree down (thereby destroying also the swing) while I was in college.

Date unknown: My brother David and I sometime during 1984-1986 is my guess


My Grandfather Ezra w/my cousin Shachar at Kibbutz Hazorea, 1987 (114K)

Ilse Meyerhof (my grandmother) Jan 1988 at her typewriter.

Finished with my College Courses, 3/19/88.
Back home (dad's house) after finishing
Dartmouth in 10 straight quarters -- in 2½ years.

With brother David at HJ #1 (75 dpi) With brother David at HJ #1 (100 dpi)
With brother David at HJ #2 (75 dpi) With brother David at HJ #2 (100 dpi)


During June 1994 visit to Israel With grandparents Ilse and Ezra in Kibbutz Hazorea at their home.

Touching an olive tree during the same 1994 trip to Israel with my mother.. Also taken at Kibbutz Hazorea


Me in the kitchen Still not able to place this photo with certainty; maybe at David's in Rochester? Or Lexington?


A picture of me right by Sapsucker Woods... (Reebok-T, ugh... mea culpa!)
A cropping from same picture...

November 1998: "Professional" photo for my faculty web page.

Summer 1999: With other Project NExT Fellows at summer MathFest, Toronto '99 conference.

Fall 2000 Both of these were taken at the fall picnic at Kathleen Shannon (my chair's) house:

    Jumping during volleyball. That's me in the red shirt and interesting angle...maybe not elegant, but I'm effective..
     Rubik's cube coach: I just showed them how to solve it. Not a great photo of me, but at least I'm happy/smiling.

  • Another "Professional" photo larger one (a better view..though I'm more handsome in person ;o)

    2000/2001 With my ex-gf Kim. Took these down after breakup but we're now friends again. In Cambridge, MA taken by her interesting friend Ze'ev (whom she had met at Library school as I recall). And At restraurant in NJ

    Unsorted: The Chicago Twins.. (I'm not in picture; I'm the photographer. U of Chicago, Math Grad Students Dinner Night). Their heads were shaved for a photographer doing a series on twins. An old issue of U of Chicago magazine has photos of them and other twins.