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Sex is, of course, the area in the personal realm which is most taboo, and in which we are most repressed, although it has, after tens of thousands of years of cultural evolution and slow progress, finally (started to) change significantly in positive directions in the last few decades.

The validity of ideas is independent of their author; the views presented here must be judged on their own merits, and independently of whether I were in real life (hypothetically), a highly repressed person who could only have missionary position sex with all the lights off, the shades down, after having Holy Water sprinkled about; or, a "Sex Radical". [Still, as with the political essays, recipes, etc, these writings are here for sharing with others, but also to define myself for potential friends and more-than-friends. Yet in this society and culture, such honest talk can get one into trouble -- e.g. jobwise; I could file a lawsuit, but do I want to be in the position of having to? Here, I share some of my personal views; on my personal life, I can always be reached by email].

Some of my writings on feminism, sex,
gender, and related cultural issues

O Major Musings and Minor Misgivings about the term "feminism" O

O Penetrating Thoughts on Sex and Language O
Why "Rape Fantasy" and "Penetration" are both misnomers.

O Language and Gender: Why advocating "he or she" is not radical enough O
Here, as elsewhere, "radical" refers to going to the root of the problem, per Greek derivation.

O Sexual Liberation (or: There's No Sex In Violence) O

O Are People Inherently Bisexual? O
And if so, is that the end of the discussion?

O 'Hate Speech' and Freedom of Speech. O
How McKinnon's response is like the gay-bashing politician's.
[Susie Bright on McKinnon and her politics, excepted from Sexwise]

  • Obscenity in Print

  • Coming: Essay on Male Liberation
    (If you think it's a zero-sum game, or that analysis of how society and culture are oppressive
    of men must mean ignoring or diminishing the existence of oppression of women, think again.
    Is "boys don't cry!" any less oppressive than "girls who like/want sex are dirty"?
    Does the gender of most secretaries tell us something about sexism? Yes.
    Does the race of most janitors tell something about racism? Yes.
    Have a look at the military, or at our prison-industrial complex, for starters.
    (rough draft)
    In the meantime, a must-read is Bernie Zilbergelt's The New Male Sexuality -- largely on
    emotions/communication/relating not sex -- available through the (mostly female)
    worker-owned, worker-run feminist sex-positive Open Enterprises, which introduced
    me to this book. See especially chapters 1&2.)

  • Other People's Writings
    If you don't know the thing you're dealin'...
    Ooohh, I can tell you, darlin', that it's Sexual Healin' -Marvin Gaye
  • Maya's Sex Links (Society's "Warped Attitude"; Sex as Sacred; Lots of Links)
  • Kristen's Essay (Sexual Repression; Sexual Liberation; Towards a Sex Posotive Culture)
  • Diva's thoughts on sexuality (On our Humanity; Gender Roles; Bisexuality; Polyamory)

  • My Vision For Our Family by Liz Derr: a thought provoking idealized model of a working polyamorous family.
  • From A Married Anarchist by Dennis Fox

  • Ethical Hedonism
  • Susie Bright's website see also my Susie Bright Heros page..
  • Block Bonobo Foundation "common chimps resolve sexual issues with power. Bonobos resolve power issues with sex."
  • Isaac Asimov on being a proud dirty old man?!
  • Frank Moore on States of Tanpan (SFweekly: More is Moore)
  • Shaman's Cave of F Moore and his memoir, Art of Shaman

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    Bite my lip and close my eyes / Take me away to Paradise
    -Greenday, Longview

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  • My own Susie Bright page has many excepts of some of SB's best essays.
  • Sexual Equality and Freedom (page of links I put up as part of the MAP Library).

  • When I Was A Boy song/lyrics by Dar Williams.
  • "Gender Terrorist"

  • MGM Primer by Rich Winkel -- shocking truth -- you can help change this.

    Thought I outta bear my naked feelings!
    Thought I outta tear the curtain down!

    -Roger Waters, The Final Cut

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  • Rode Draad (Red Wire), as the foundation is known, maintains that ING and other Dutch banks fail to treat prostitution - which is legal in the Netherlands - as a proper profession
  • Gender Stereotypes (list of jokes, worth analyzing and "de-constructing"!)

  • RockBitch If 400 men were each offered "free sex" with a group of young attractive bisexual women, how many would take it up? Only two!