Harel's Recipes

Here are some of my recipes, or really just some foods/meals I enjoy that I prepare for myself. (Then again, maybe that's what a recipe is. Hmmm..  ;-))

New! Some flavoring tips/tricks...

Harel's Lentil-Potato Soup

Harel's (lowfat vegan) Vegetable Stew, Variation #274

HB's Worcestershire Stir-fry

HB's Vegan Sandwiches (New!)

HB's Summer Salad (Newer! :-)

HB's (Vegan) Thanksgiving Casserole 2001

HB's Grains with Eggplant

More recipes to come!

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these luscious berries...

There was a movie, Eating I think was the title, by a male filmmaker...it was a (semi-documentary as I recall) movie about how (many) women relate very personally and very strongly to food unlike (most) men. I seem to recall the movie notes quoting the filmmaker saying he was different in that he could really relate to these women from his personal feelings about food, and that most of his closest friends were women.

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