Economic Democracy Projects

In addition to building democratic media projects, a broad strategy and strategic vision and action plan are needed. focuses on 'radical', that is institutional change in society that is democratizing. Our current main focus is Media Democratization -- transforming the media landscape into a different, democratic one -- and we have an article offering analysis and strategic vision, and outline of a plan, which we urge you to print out and read:

Electronic Activism Revisited: The Revolution Will be Webcast (Intoduction)

Although the article is not especially short (and worth printing out) it's smooth reading, includes inspiring quotes, pop-up footnotes, etc -- a very accessible piece. See also:

  • Reclaim the Media! (a preamble to the Webcast article)
  • The Forums section (share your ideas and collaborate on long-term planning!)
  • Join our announcement list (not a mailing list; at most 1 announcement/week).
  • NEW! Followup Article with 10-Point Implementation Plan