GreenPeople (product directory)
"the how-to site for less toxic living" ;
includes evaluating the health of your house
Silly name but
See Harmony catalog
Many Moons Alternatives
Safer, eco-friendly women's hygene
products; Organic Pillows & Fabric...
Bergey Small
Wind Turbines
Seventh Generation products
  • Chlorine Free Products Association (see also Chlorine Free Paper Consortium) & Pesticide Action Network

  • New Organics Health Valley Muir Glen Burt's Bees catalog
    Dr. Emmette Miller
    Deep Healing. Originator of self-help tapes
    Dr. Breggin
    Author of Toxic Psychiatry, and Talking Back to Ritalin
    P o s i t i v e    A l t e r n a t i v e s (UK)
    Vegan "Starter Pack" alternative to the
    "fast food" takeover of our diet. -- finding alternatives to television GoodWorks careers for social change     &
  • Activist Jobs

    Don't mind the mess below, where things are unsorted, and just for future reference for me to look at and possibly add, or just interesting

  • LlamaLinks huge meta-listing
  • ADA STATEMENT ON VEGGIE DIETS and a warning about B12
  • CHOICE Consumers for Healthy Options in Children's Education
  • see also
    Mad Cow Disease (the official web site).
  • LiFizz (BUT has Aspartame!) or: AlarcerCorp (liquid vitamins, but with Aspartic Acid )-: and
  • Dr. Weil on nontoxic cleaning of your house
  • PowerBarOnlineStore being remodeled (May 00)
  • "welcome to my future site" (May 00)
  • cVeggies unite
  • Barleans Flax Oils

    NonToxic.comOrganic cotton/wool bedding; KBCotton nonorganic but "natural" 100% cotton pillows.BeanProducts sleeping-beans,pillows,hemp backpacks, etc

    ORGANIC COTTON/ORGANIC WOOL. bedding, mattresses, futons, comforters, mattress pads. Call for specifications, discounted prices on Natura, Crown, Natural bedroom, Furnature and Sleeptek. (800) 968-9355.

    ShoppersGuide by All4Vegan.


  • Alternative/"radical" Biblio & Jay's Leftist and Progressive Internet Resources and .org /Nude World Domination??
  • The truth about Organic Foods & Healthy home and office
  • Community Shared Agriculture (CSA)
  • Relaxing.html
  • What would we do Without advertising?
  • BBC: relaxation methods/.ram audio file also BBC on mental diaries looks interesting
  • ecovillages and Cohousing & Intentional Communities Links
    Cummings in
  • effects of chemicals/pesticides on health

  • Global EcoVillage Network and The CoHousing Network
  • Juicers at, see also their recipes
  • more vitamix
  • VegWeb ****
  • veganoutreach
  • VUgreeting cards and no eastern shore diatician yet.. and relax radio
  • NewOrganics
  • organic etc lawn care
  • peace education for children

  • by FTP Rich's article on MGM and a NEWER pdf at primer2.pdf and milos-macris
  • BBC on stress

  • Leather-Alternatives (e.g. non-leather belts, etc)
    What's in your milk:
    Fuel Cells: (ZeroEmissVehicle)
    Check out:
    Laura W. says check out:
  • intentional living OH, "The Edges".
  • and zendik and and big list of sites and north american fed and GlobalEcoVillageNetworkGAIA.ORG see also CoHousing.Org
  • Nature themed desktop photos
  • The Invention of the Biochemical Imbalance Myth

    air car

  • HealthSmartVitamins

  • Look at for natural soap ask for Complete ingredients list..
  • SunWaterCo see also great links on AltPower
  • cancer risk new kind of research, re heated-carbs, fries, chips,etc.. see here too on cooked food and read about CANOLA OIL dangers and

  • Radon info and the RADON KIT