January 1, 2003
Ms. Shirley Bates
Director of Personnel Services
Lynchburg College
1501 Lakeside Drive
Lynchburg VA 24501-3113

Dear Ms. Bates:

I am writing in response to your letter of 12/20/02 in which you indicated that

"The Board of Trustees of Lynchburg College has updates and amended the College's Retirement Plan, effective immediately, to allow employees who have separated service with the College to make cash withdrawals and/or direct rollovers on 100% of their retirement accumulations, regardless of age, to the extent allowed by the fund sponsor."

Having spoken with my TIAA-CREF representatives, I am enclosing the forms they indicated are to be filled out by you in order to rollover into my other TIAA-CREF accounts.

Please notice that funds under my current TIAA C749641-1 and CREF U749641-9 through Lynchburg College are in three portions. One is self-remitted funds (worth about $790 on 12/24/02), which does not require any action by you. The other two portions, having respective worth on 12/24/02 of about $5,446 and $3,631 require your filling out section 7, Employer Authorization. Although the two enclosed forms are identical, TIAA-CREF indicated you need to fill each form separately (each is very short, requiring only you fill out termination date, sign, date, and give your title and phone number).

After filling out section 7 in both forms, please send them to me at:

Harel Barzilai
504 Emory Court #304
Salisbury MD 21804
for me to complete the other sections and to forward to TIAA-CREF. If you have any questions, you may reach me at hb10@harelbarzilai.org or 410-543-0036. Thanks in advance.


Harel Barzilai