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Email to a friend who said she was switching from a vegetarian to a vegan diet
also see FAQ from Physicians Committee on Responsible Medicine
  • Facts versus Myths about Vegan/Vegetarian diets (with references aplenty)
  • Veggie Starter Kits (some are free..)

  • My friend Rich Winkel's A Human Rights Primer on Male Genital Mutilation in the US. (see also here)
      ViciousVegan foods (humor)
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    Idea? Email addresses to throw off sp-ammers

    "An infallible method of conciliating a tiger is to allow oneself to be devoured." Konrad Adenauer

  • Mini vegan "food porn" and large, mouth-watering main vegan "Food porn" page

  • Join the B Society "revolution"? (and here and here)

    An interesting two part message..

  • Two Paths: Which would you choose?