• NYC to go wireless ( In exchange for being able to mount up to 18,000 new lamp post-based antennas, to strengthen coverage around the five boroughs, the companies will pay the city government around $25m each year. )"The city was in the papers when I first came out against this, saying there's less radiation than from a microwave (oven) from these antennas, and that may be true," said councilman Vallone. "But nobody runs a microwave 24 hours a day, seven days a week, outside their bedroom door when they are sleeping. That's why it's important we study this," he added.

  • The Anarchists' Wedding Guide 11 Reasons Not to Go Through with It but the audio interview is much better, here e.g. right-click on this link to save 29 min mp3 interview to drive and then listen..
  • Maybe of interest..I haven't looked at it enough to be sure how I feel about it (and personally I'm not crazy about cities) but might be of interest to you...? Extreme Simplicity Homesteading in the City Homesteading in LA? Off-the-Grid in Tinseltown? Take Scott and Helen Nearing, translate them from the rockbound coast of Maine into Southern California, and you start to have a picture of Christopher and Dolores Nyerges. Here is an upbeat, unabashedly outrageous book about applying the principles of self-reliance, more often associated with rural back-to-the-landers and wilderness campers, to life in suburban Los Angeles
  • The Sufficient Community this sounds intersting, "This emphasis on relationships leads to the ideal of the Sufficient Community built on an exchange of skills between individuals, allowing everyone to meet their basic needs and valuing each and every member of the community through the contribution they make. The author also shows how new communities based on local trading systems are leading the way to the creation of a more just and sustainable society." but I just ordered three books from healthy-eating.com and am probably buying Ecology of Money from Chelsea so maybe if you or someone else had a look at this (or else I'll look at it later) and let me know what you think..
    Misc Things
    Intentional Community/Creating New Culture
  • EarthBox
  • Froogle by Google.
  • $0.03/min long dist

  • What is a CSA: Overview
    (short blurb here too)
  • Search for CSAs in your area 10128 has 5 or so listed..

  • The Himalayan Institute is where my friend Nicole was for a while. I haven't looked carefully at their website yet. It looks like the website does not lit (or makes it hard to find) her type of position. The www seems to list workshops you can pay for, things to buy, etc. But Nicole indicates there are positions that you live there and work there and get free housing and food and, I forget, something like $500 or more per month on top of your basic food/housing needs. If you are interested in more info I can ask Nicole..
  • The Federation of Egalitarian Communities
  • Heathcote IC and the income-sharing 'pod' within it.
  • Also, Twin Oaks and The Farm

  • See: Network for a New Culture
  • NFNC's Summer Camp 2004 Click on green buttons: "The ABCs", "FAQs" and the humorously-written "Ms. Manners" buttons, from that page..

    SummerCamp: sample schedule and program
  • Summer camp: women's experiences ;
    a review of 2000 summer camp (5 min video)

  • Tamera is for peace/nonviolence, community (and race/gender/etc equality of course), vegan/AR, sex-positive, and spirituality (connections among the last two) among other things.
  • Yoga in hot room harmful, say US doctors Times of India, India - Mar 30, 2004 *******When Does Flexible Start to Mean Harmful? 'Hot' Yoga Draws Fire New York Times - Mar 29, 2004*********Steamy Yoga makes one lose weight and weakens health Pravda, Russia - 8 hours ago
  • Net-o-mat kind of like friendster? unclear what exactly this is, haven't investigated more closedly
  • Slow cities movement outgrowth of slow food movement

  • Interview with Acrosanti founder and intro like city without cars..; and here. I'm not crazy about the crowding idea. But free up space (no autos) more community (while still privacy) more connectedness and less consumerism, and connect to ecology, yes, sound good.(original article in peakoil.com which led to finding this).
  • PathToFreedom.com

  • Adkins DEBUNKED