Thank you for having the courage to listen to the science, even when it means taking on the "sacred cow" of dairy consumption and the very powerful dairy industry. I have been happily dairy-free for 12 years now, and eating a plant-based diet since studies show that excessive levels of protein (typical for the American diet) causes calcium depletion. I recently had a bone scan, which found my bones to be in solid, excellent health. The dairy industry and government you quote are right that milk is a "cheap" food. But one question that opened my eyes is the following: Whether you envision God or Mother nature, what was cow's milk *created* *for*? The answer is, *baby* *cows*. Not baby humans, not adult cows, and certainly not for adult humans. It's *unnatural*. No other adult mammal naturally drinks milk. Little surprise then, that it's less than healthy for people to consume as adults the saturated fat, hormones and other parts of the complex mammary output of cows, a mixture made to help *infant* *cows* grow. Am I biased due to my dietary choices? Actually the opposite is true: like many others, my opinions are not based on my dietary choices, but rather my choices are the result of years of researching health findings. Back when most people smoked, would be consider anti-smoking advice from the non-smoking minority to be "biased" because the non-smokers' advice matched their 'personal choice'? The internet has a wealth of information from solid sources, whether about Bovine Growth Hormone, or from the respected Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine you quoted, which I urge readers to look into. Harel Barzilai Salisbury, MD (Mathematics professor at Salisbury University)