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Andrei Tarkovsky

How do I begin to describe Tarkovsky to those unfamiliar with him? Fortunately, guestbook comments and more guestbook comments from The Andrei Tarkovsky Page at skywalking.com allow me to express the inexpressible.

Some words of caution however -- the strong (and often superlative) words in these quotes may create impossibly high expectations. A deeper caution relates to the fact that while it's wonderful for this Tarkovski fan to find he is not alone, adn that there are so many others, we are still a minority (recalling vegetarianism and social/political views and...?) and only those whose ears are ready to hear, whose eyes are ready to see, and most importantly, whose heart and soul are willing to come out, vulnerably, with child-like innocence and optimism and a heart filled with love for Nature and Humanity and Life...

  • A brief introduction to Tarkovsky [from the Tarkovsky section of Questers].
  • Andrei Tarkovsky: Master of the Cinematic Image review by Stuart C. Hancock.
  • Bibliography


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