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Heyas! My name is Amy and I'm a 22 year old Super Senior! at Salisbury University. I am majoring in music education/trumpet because music is my life and I love kids! I will most likely be attending The Peabody Conservatorysoon for my masters and I hope to one day get my doctorate in music education or possibly performance.
At SU I am in the orchestra on french horn, wind ensemble on trumpet,the jazz ensemble,I am in the Annapolis Wind Symphony, and the Columbia Concert Band.

Here are some Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly Restaurants in the Maryland Area:

Golden Temple Cafe' 2322 N. Charles St. 410-235-1014
Adrian's Book Cafe' 714 S. Broadway 410-732-1048
Golden West Cafe' 842 W. 36th St. 410-889-8891
The Helmand 806 N. Charles St. 410-752-0311
Liquid Earth 1626 Aliceanna St. 410-276-6606
Margaret's Cafe' 909 Fell St. 410-276-5605
One World Cafe' 904 S. Charles St. 410-234-0235
Papermoon Diner 227 W. 29th St. 410-889-4444
The Strand Cafe' 105 E. Lombard St. 410-625-8944
Wild Mushroom 641 S. Montford 410-675-4225

Thyme Square Cafe' 4735 Bethesda Ave. 301-657-9077

College Park
Berwyn Cafe 5010 Berwyn Rd. 301-345-6655

The Mango Grove 6365 B.Dobbin St. 410-884-3426

Cafe' 101 101 E. Main St. 301-689-1243

Langley Park
Udipi Palace 1329 University Blvd. - East 301-434-1531
Woodland Indian Vegetarian Restaurant 8046 New Hampshire Blvd. 301-434-4202

Puffins / Sin Came 1000 Reisterstown Rd. 410-486-8811

The Vegetable Garden 11618 Rockville Pike 301-468-9301
Yuan Fu Vegetarian Restaurant 798 Rockville Pike 301-762-5937

La Tolteca Mexican Restaurant 110 Truitt St

Silver Spring
It's What You Eat House of Health 1315 Fenwick Lane 301-589-5435

Takoma Park
Pita Plus Vegetarian Grill Takoma Junction on Carroll Ave. 240-462-7646

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Music has meant so much to me throughout my lifetime. By going to school as a music education major, I hope to one day be able to give back to my community what I have received through my education in music and academics. I have picked this field over any other, because music has given me my most important qualities of determination, hard work, and better communication skills. As I began to play the trumpet, I was 100lbs overweight, and struggling to make friends. After playing the trumpet and singing in the choir, I learned how hard something can be, but how if you are really determined you can reach your goals. These ideas helped me to lose the extra weight, and made me develop into who I am today, with better relationships, and a dedication towards what ever I set my mind on. I am hoping that by graduating with a music degree, I will be able to teach others what I have learned from music, and let them see how wonderful it has made my life, and can make theirs. The one person I admire in music most, is Wynton Marsalis. He is an amazing musician and teacher and I agree strongly in his philosophys of Music and Music Education.


Click here for Info on how to be a Veggie

This is my car I got on January 7, 2002! It's almost the same but more sexy with totally black tinted windows, rims, vent covers, and visor decal. ...I'm soo lucky I love my car!


Anyways...I love to have ambitions and I am quite a crazy girlie!!! My favorite things to do are to skateboard(I prefer my gravity longboard, which you can see in the pic above), play on the beach whoo hooo!! play my trumpet, take walks, play with my puppieees Daisy and Coda...they are soo cute!, jog ,and listen to music.

This is my life right here, my baby, my ambition, and playing it kicks ass! As Charlie Parker once said and I so agree "Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. They teach you there's a boundary line to music. But, man, there's no boundary line to art."

All you need is love!!! My favorite bands/musicians include 311 (my #1 favorite group), Dave Matthews, Phish, Dispatch, Reel Big Fish, Wynton, Vivaldi, Bob Marley, Train, Holst is the man, The Beatles, Less than Jake, Goldfinger, Miles Davis, John Williams, and Paul McCartney. You really gotta check out some bands called "The Toasters," "The Players," and the band "Truesetto." I was lucky enough to play with "The Players" and "The Toasters," and let me tell you they are awesome! Check them out!! My friend Dave at SU has a band named "Truesetto" My jaw drops when they play, they are sooo amazing and talented...def check them out too!! Life is all about the music baby!!!

VEGETARIANS ARE SEXIER!!! It's really important to me to educate as many people as I can. So few really know what goes on behind slaughter house doors. Education is the key.If slaugher houses were entirely made of glass...I know there would be a lot more fighting for animal rights and a whole lot more vegetarians.

Great Minds Speak Out on Behalf of the Animals

I guess I'm not your average "girl" but that's fine by me :O) As my uncle Jimmy says,"Amy you aren't weird you are artistic!" I like to have fun and work really hard too. Well peeps that about sums it up...I'm outtie!!!! Or HARFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!! As Daisy would say....isn't she sexy stuff, check her out below!



This is me at Christmas time

Look Presents!!

This is me at college in my fav 80's shirt

This is my tattoo which i got on 8/18/01

This is a pic of my big ol' smile

This is me at MD All-State with my mommy and grandma

This is me at Ocean City whoo hooo

This is me at my senior prom

This is big Amy and little Amy hehe

This is baby Amy...hot stuff lol

Dan, My sis Jess, My cous Adam and I in downtown B-more where we shouldn't be lol!

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