"If ad banners aren't a problem for you, then these pages aren't really going to do much for you. But personally, I hate them. I've never got used to having flashing images in the corner of my vision when I'm trying to read. Imagine if real books came with neon lights that blinked messages at you over and over again. And imagine that every time you turned the page, you had to wait a few seconds whilst they changed from neon green to neon yellow. And then they'd send the title of the book, your reading speed, and what chapters you've skipped to the central Library so that they can sell the information to all the big bookstores. Reading real books would be even more unpopular than it is now! But, I guess, maybe it wouldn't - millions of people do exactly the same thing on the Interweb every day (if you substitute the book for a web site)."