Conscious Singles Update 6-16-02
We are Evolving...

In holding to our vision to create an online community of the like-minded, we are now offering stronger and better ways to connect:

We have instituted a new policy regarding invalid external email addresses to increase the percentage of responses to member messages

Message from  Joel

Hey Everybody !
I hope this finds you well and connected.
We at Conscious Singles have been embracing change to make your experience of connecting through us easier and more focused. You are receiving this because you now have a free membership with us. As a free member, you can have your profile posted on our network for an unlimited amount of time and receive mail. There is no charge to you until you decide you want to send mail to contact other members.

After four years of struggling with a creaky and cranky search page, we have now purchased and installed a whole new Matchmaker system. After listening to you and our other members, we decided this system is the best solution to what have sometimes been confusing and upsetting encounters with our technology. As with all things that are evolving, “it ain’t perfect yet” - but it is mostly wonderful – and as we refine the system with your help – it will be grand!

Here’s how you can get the most out of our new technology …….

 Please Update your Profile - the new system works best with up-to-date information. Depending on how long ago you registered for your free membership, you may need to reregister for an account in order to logon and then modify your profile. You can do this on this page.  In certain circumstances, you may need to reregister everything, which you are welcome to do, again at no charge. In this instance, the place to begin is to register for an account at this page. Then, after logging on, go to the Add New Profile Page.

 The new Matchmaker System is going to be great. We are especially excited about the Power and Advanced Search Pages. The transition to the new system was bumpier than expected and there may still be a few bumps left in the road – but these can be remedied for the most part if everyone submits UPDATED PROFILES.

 The POWER SEARCH functions have some limitations right now because of the way the old system stored member information. As soon as members UPDATE THEIR PROFILES, the POWER SEARCH will begin to work more effectively. We hope you will bear with us while people are creating and submitting new profiles. We would like to have your updates logged in by July 15 so that we can test the system for fine-tuning after we have a majority of the new profiles in the system.

 The new system also allows you to be more creative when using the ADVANCED SEARCH function. For instance, with the ADVANCED SEARCH, you can search for any range of variables (i.e. ages 35-50), and use whatever abbreviation you would like for cities and states (i.e. Ga, GA, or Georgia). Plus, you will also be able to search by area codes and zip codes. Once again, this flexibility will not be completely available for all listed members until everyone updates their profiles because the old system didn’t ask you for zip and area codes.

 Also, the long awaited DIALOGUE section is up and I am very excited about the possibilities for online conscious dialogue for support, information exchange and social and political change.

 Another change that will make the website easier to navigate is a switch in the location of the Features and Forums links. They are no longer listed on every page, as they were in the past, but are now listed on a Feature Main and Forum Main portal page. You can get to these gateway pages by clicking on them from the MEMBER HOME PAGE on the left side navigation bar. Please check these pages out when you have a minute. I have included an article on the Healing Potential of Being Single and there are some other new articles and sections that I hope you will enjoy. I want to particularly draw your attention to the the Abraham and Health Forum Sections as well as the new articles in the Women's Issues section.

 The harbinger of this stage of our evolution has been some staff changes and additions. We want to welcome Bently Harris and I personally want to thank him for being hugely instrumental in getting us through a seemingly never-ending maze of technical snafus.

 In the meantime, we have been continuing to struggle financially. It is our hope that the improvements we have made will make your experience of connecting through our website more productive and rewarding. We appreciate your continuing support through your membership and we are excited about the opportunity we now have to serve more Conscious Singles.
 To encourage you to sign up for a full membership in connection with the launch of our improved website, we are offering a variety of Subscription Specials.
Member Specials:

  • Join for 6 Months and get a wonderful Aromatherapy candle
  • Join for 12 Months and get a wonderful Aromatherapy Candle in a collectable container.

 Click here for more candle details.


 A FREE 30 minute consultation with the one of the following wonderful folks:

Post your photo and we will extend your
subscription for two weeks. (For Subscribing Members only)

 We are also starting a Conscious Directory listing service for members. A basic listing is free for all members at this time. There are listing options for Conscious Events, Conscious Merchants, Conscious Centers, Schools and Organizations, Conscious Services, Conscious Practices and Conscious Practitioners. Since this listing section is new, now is the time to jump on board so you can be the first on the block. For the next several months, the first listings will get the highest placement!

Here is hoping for you to have peace in your journey as a Conscious Single. I for one salute you. I am excited about the possibilities for us and particularly excited about what we can create here - together.

Bright Blessings to You! 



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