• eric2.jpg This one WORKS (although like the other scans-ins I need to get software to crop them so the "white space" is not part of the jpg, and maybe then also create smaller versions)
           FIXED newly uploaded: Eric Sitting at computer room at Cornell in 1990s

    I'm guessing from appearances that it's the basement of a building at CU (Cornell) - either office hours, or library or..?

  • eric1.jpg This one scanned in and was ftp'd, but doesn't work...Eric sitting at a desk, smiling, maybe at computer lab at CU?

    For above, Eric, maybe try right-click to save to desktop and then import into software which can fix it?

  • A few photos of myself from back in Cornell grad school days

  • ithacatimes.huting.jpg Cartoon I liked

    And the one time the local paper the Daily Times did an "photos from around town" story, Times Photo by Joey Gardner, "Salisbury University math professor Harel Barzilai holds class outside the Henson Science Hall to take advantage of the weather"