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Urly Inidcator Issue 116
Friday, 4.26.02

Dear Harel Barzilai,

I spoke with a serious domain name buyer yesterday. By serious, I mean that he was an officer of a large corporation planning to buy a specific domain name. He'd called to get advice on what he should expect to pay, because we're the experts.

He was disappointed.

It wasn't because I told him that the one-word, six-letter, generic, consumer product .com he wanted would require seven-figures. I said no such thing. He was disappointed because I had no clue about what the name would sell for. He'd hoped that I could scan our database, run our secret algorithm, adjust according to industry-specific and broader economic trends, and quote him $544,425. I couldn't.

We may be the experts when it comes to helping buyers find sellers in the domain name aftermarket, but when it comes to forecasting transaction prices, we don't know any more than you do. If we did, we wouldn't bother with a dynamic pricing model. The marketplace determines the price. Demand determines price. You determine price.

In the end the buyer decided to quit his search for an arbitrary starting point and use the AVB to begin negotiations. When the deal is done, we'll see how close to $544,425 they get.


Peter Girard,
Director of Marketing

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The Urly had a little help on this week’s Domain at Work. According to an article in, was recently acquired by TMP Worldwide, the company that currently owns With the domain name, they have created a “gateway to a better job”. Definitely a traffic catcher at work.


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