I'm not surprised lots of people delay joining, who intend to; until I was able to quit my fairly fulfilling but still 'wage slave' job, life was too hectic. What I am surprised is, that not everyone is in at least the "I intend to join" group. Paradigm shift isn't easy, l suppose.. Last but not least - although I'm not ready to be public with my name at this time - I do intend to include for you with my membership, the print-out of one interview with me with a somewhat prominent publication, The Nation (the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the United States) from 1993 and 2014, with a few words of background attached to it. Why? Because I wish Alcor to know some of my talent so that areas can be found where I can best contribute. Some day I'll be able to say in the forums "I'm the fellow who.." but not for a while. I do have already a few very small (typo) a few modest, and a couple of substantial areas where I believe and hope I may be able to contribute some areas or improvements - but I've ran long enough so will follow up another time for those.