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About the Julian Darley Lunch:
I managed to ask him regarding the eventual global re-localization of economies in the post-hydrocarbon world if that would essentially mean the complete collapse of the United States, and with out hesitation he said yes.   I guess it's no surprise to hear, but hearing it from a foreign person makes it sound so much more real.  Especially since he lived through the collapse of the British Empire...and how he said it really sucked...  It really freaked me out for a couple of hours. (Especially the part about the amount of killing that's bound to go on over resources!)  I guess all empires are destined to fall...

We also talked about how universities should be the centers of the local economies and how we should grow food on every possible bit of land we can find.  He was talking about how pavement/roads are built on some of the best and well drained land available, and that we should tear up every bit that we can and see if we could grow on it. He talked about how SU's campus was mostly parking lot.  We talked vegetarianism/veganism and how consuming flesh is so incredibly wasteful of our natural resources.  I think the others (Dr. Pica, Dr. Maloof, and the university president's son) might have gotten slightly annoyed at this after a while.  I think he found comfort in talking to another vegetarian (even if she's an insane militant vegan!).  He says that he trys to eat vegan whenever possible but that's extremely hard when you're traveling. (I totally agree. My trip to then NSA was a nightmare.  If I didn't pack so much food with me I would have starved.)  He says that veganism is the ultimate goal but he doubts he'll reach it.

He again talked about how we need to convince as many people as possible to start conserving energy now.  At the lunch I was extremely pessimistic and I talked about how most people aren't educated like us, but rather by TV (btw, I'm selling all my TVs on campus bulletin digest) and how they aren't likely to believe any notion that magical mind numbing "all knowing" box doesn't present to them.  He said that if he didn't believe that he could change people's minds he wouldn't be traveling all across the country.  He also says that the best way to convince people is to talk to them face to face and that is why he uses so much energy to travel around the country.  I totally agree, he convinced me...  I'm less pessimistic now though after talking to my dad about the energy crisis and finding him agreeing with most of the points I had to say.  It's quite remarkable though, considering he's a Republican...  It makes me think there's more hope for turning people vegan too.  I just hope I didn't get Mr. Darley too down Thursday, but he's probably heard all of this before...

We must have talked about a bunch of other things too, but I'm currently reading his book and a couple days after the meal it's hard to distinguish what was said at the table and what is said in the book...

About me being a little freaked out after lunch: 
I went to Dr. Austin's office afterwards to ask him a question about scheduling for classes and we got to talking about the Julian Darley lecture, veganism, weight loss, quinoa (how it's a complete protein), ADEPT, maturity, and my perceived quality of life when I reach his age (though not in that order).  We must have talked for an hour and a half, he made me feel a whole lot better, and I was almost late for my tutoring session at 4:00.


Yay! Talk about my dream minimum wage job!  I'm gonna contact them right away.  I would have been way too shy to ask.  Thanks so much.  I keep you informed on how it goes.

Thanks for the CSA info.  I know my parents are hurting to find a relatively cheaper way to feed me...

Happy World Vegan Day (Nov. 1)   :)

Joanna wrote:

How was lunch with Julian Darley on Thursday?

I was at the Health Store and More last Saturday and spoke with one of
the two part-time workers -- this is the older white haired woman who
is apparently usually there on Saturdays -- whether there was the
possibility of more hired. I know her well enough that I was able to
gently find out if she actually needed/wanted to work more hours, but
she said the opposite, she is working more hours right now than she's
really supposed to. Plus, in Nov, the owners will be busy with extras
(I forget what -- they have many other business/parttime jobs) so
there may be more hours for part time folks to work at  HSM.

I thought both you and Charles (the fellow to your left at the
Potluck) could maybe use extra work so I'm passing this on. I tipped
him off the last time there was a possible opening..thought I'd email
you first this time..if you're not interested let me know and I could
pass this on to him.

their email is and phone is 410-742-0222,
owners are Sheryl, Petty, and Debbie and the one who (seems to be) the
main person behind the store is Sheryl, though I'm not 100% sure..Any
of them could help you and if there's a possibility, will probably ask
you to come by in person. If not, then the tip I got (the part time
older woman said she wasn't sure but mentioned Nov and so forth as
possibilities and said interested students should/could "try") might
not  materialize, but who knows unless you ask them... Good luck


P.S. For your parents, ok, here's my list in favor of CSAs or at least
this one:

1. Selfish reason: you get organic produce at (not always but very
   often) lower cost than organics bought at supermarkets

2. Selfish reason: you get food that was freshly picked *that*
   morning. As opposed to supermarket produce which is 2, 3, 4, or
   more days old, less taste less phytochemicals less vitamins..

3. Another selfish reason: Newsletter with recipes and a much more
   personal relationship with the grower. Sure you can ask someone at
   the supermarket about the veggies (if you can find them) and maybe
   get an answer, but it's nothing like someone really knowledgeable
   about which type of the several potato types are best for this kind
   of recipe, etc. The white potatoes he recommended last time were
   amazing, mildly sweet in a really delicious mixture of tastes and
   that was before I even added any seasoning.

4. Another selfish reason: although organics are better and safer than
   non-organics, what about sprays from the field next door, or what
   kinds of "grey area" pest controls are used? Do any of us have ANY
   idea what that means from a farm in Calif or Florida? Don't get me
   wrong, I think overall they are mostly trustworthy and again, much
   better and safer (on average) than your non-organic produce. But
   here you can directly ask the farmer, and directly visit the farm,
   see if there is any sprays from next-door (I don't think so in the
   case of Bivalve), ask the farmer what types of pest controls he
   uses, look at them personally if you want,'s much more
   *accountability* and thus more safety

5. Selfish advantage: you meet others at the weekly CSA pickup ...a
   nice way to get to know folks in the area (another way is to split
   a share with someone else..I've gotten to know my friend Steve
   better, and a woman in Berlin better (she's now helping in the
   planning of renewable energy here in the region) since the three of
   us split our CSA share 3-ways (your family might want a whole share
   but you could start with a half share)

6. Enlightened self interst type of altruism or selfishness, depending
   on your of view-- stronger community ties for the whole community;
   free produce for families in poverty; job training for poor people
   who work on the farm; education/training for people who volunteer
   on the farm; more local control over the economy than if we have
   "walmart" type economic development,  more self reliance and food
   independence...this #6 item is really many in one, and there are
   more than just those listed here...Oh, here's another, they are
   eventually going to build an education/visitors center for kids. So
   more altruism but enlightened self interst since less poverty and
   better education for kids, mean    both safer and more pleasant

7. Your daughter will stop bugging you about this..  ;-)

Ok, maybe 6. is enough :-)